The Hotel Baobab Suites hosts the ‘Interiors’ exhibition by Fernando Bellver

Until the 30th of September, the renowned artist from Madrid, known for his exploration of figurative art and social critique, is presenting an exhibition at the Hotel Baobab Suites in Costa Adeje, Tenerife.

Running until the 30th of September, the Hotel Baobab Suites in Costa Adeje is currently playing host to an exhibition featuring works from the interior series by the distinguished Madrid artist and engraver, Fernando Bellver. The exhibition offers an insightful glimpse into Bellver’s contributions to the realm of figurative art while also serving as a platform for his incisive social commentary.

Born on the 26th of October, 1954, in Madrid, Bellver has emerged as a significant representative of figurative art within Spain. His prowess in color application and meticulous attention to detail in his works earned him the Premio Nacional de Gráfica (National Graphic Arts Award) in 2008, a recognition of his exceptional skill.

Fernando Bellver’s artistic journey began at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios in Madrid, where he enrolled at a mere 13 years of age. Here, he honed his skills in drawing, painting, and modeling. Further refining his engraving technique, Bellver trained in the workshop of Dimitri Papagueorguiu (1928-2016), a Greek engraver and versatile artist based in Spain.

His inaugural exhibition took place in 1972 at the Antonio Machado bookshop in Madrid. During these formative years, Bellver also served as an illustrator for publishers including Bruño, Mondadori, Santillana, and Anaya. His creative talents also extended to designing posters for films and records.

The Hotel Baobab Suites hosts the 'Interiors' exhibition by Fernando Bellver.


Bellver’s unwavering commitment and passion prompted him to explore new horizons. In 1980, he journeyed to Oslo, Norway, thanks to a grant from the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, to attend the Nord workshop for engraving and printing. A year later, he co-founded Taller Mayor 28 alongside Arturo García Armada and Fructuoso Moreno, establishing a haven for artistic collaboration and creativity.

In 1985, Bellver ventured to the University of Austin, Texas, USA, where he shared his expertise as a professor of color printmaking. Throughout his paintings and graphic work, Bellver demonstrates a deep affinity for artistic figuration.

Marrying his adept drawing skills with his mastery of color application, Bellver creates artworks that offer a critical lens on contemporary society. He draws from iconic images in the annals of art history, skillfully transforming them into consumer objects, thus demystifying and reinterpreting their significance within the modern context.


The ongoing exhibition in Tenerife also serves as a tribute to Fernando Bellver’s significant collaboration with the renowned Conca Hall in La Laguna. Presented by SpainArt in conjunction with Art at Home and the Hotel Baobab Suites, “Interiores” provides a distinctive opportunity to immerse oneself in Bellver’s art and share it with an international audience, enriching the cultural experience for both Tenerife’s residents and visitors.

Recently, Bellver participated in a group exhibition titled “Madrid: Creative Chronicle of the 80s” at the Canal Foundation in the Spanish capital. The exhibition commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy of the Community of Madrid.

Joining Bellver in the exhibition were singular artists and illustrators such as Miquel Barceló, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Costus, Ceesepe, Aurelia Muñoz, El Hortelano, Carlos Franco, Alberto Corazón, Eduardo Úrculo, Pedro García Ramos, Soledad Sevilla, José María Sicilia, Óscar Mariné, and Juan Ramón Yuste, among many others. Additionally, the exhibition featured prominent photographers of the era, including Ouka Leele, Alberto García-Alix, Javier Campano, and Alberto Schommer.

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