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Elevated temperatures could complicate Tenerife fire control

The yellow warning has been issued by the Aemet, which warns of high temperatures that could reach up to 37 degrees. This afternoon, the possibility that the people who are still evacuated can return to their homes will be evaluated.

The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, has stated that it was a calm night, albeit with significant activity due to multiple reactivations, particularly in the northern part of the island.

The firefighting teams are tirelessly working to control the Tenerife fire, which has already ravaged 14,751 hectares within a perimeter of 90 kilometers.

Clavijo has informed that the most intense flames are concentrated in the Malabrigo area in Güímar. However, numerous hotspots within the interior reignite during the central hours of the day, potentially exceeding certain containment lines.

Elevated temperatures could complicate Tenerife fire control.

These reactivations are anticipated to face challenges due to the high temperatures predicted on the Island. The Aemet has issued a yellow warning, indicating that temperatures could rise to as high as 37 degrees. “The heat is hindering fire control,” warns the regional president.

He also outlined that this afternoon, an assessment will be conducted regarding the possibility of allowing evacuated individuals to return to their homes. This would be contingent on the fire’s progression throughout the day while prioritizing caution and safety.

Throughout the day, 20 aerial units, including two engaged in coordination tasks, will continue to operate in the area. Additionally, the ground forces will comprise 610 personnel.

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