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Tenerife fire: perimeter of the blaze under control, lingering ‘hot spots’ in the north

Fire reactivations continue in La Hornaca (Tacoronte) and other areas of Acentejo and the Orotava Valley.

The Tenerife wildfire has now established control around its entire perimeter, yet sporadic reactivations persist within this zone, and numerous hot spots remain, particularly in the northern portion of the affected region, as stated by the Canary Islands Civil Protection and Emergency Plan for Forest Fires (Infoca).

Presently, the fire is in a stabilized state, implying that it is evolving within the pre-established containment boundaries as projected. The focus of firefighting efforts is shifting toward maintaining control.

No active fire fronts are evident in the entire impacted area, though some sections continue to emit substantial smoke due to reactivations.

enerife fire: perimeter of the blaze under control, lingering 'hot spots' in the north.

Hot spots

Among these, the most challenging is situated in La Hornaca, Tacoronte. Vigorous efforts have been dedicated to this area in recent days, leading to smoke dispersal towards the La Esperanza-La Laguna vicinity due to prevailing winds.

Firefighting teams are also engaged in addressing lingering hot spots within the municipalities of La Matanza, La Victoria, Santa Úrsula, and Valle de La Orotava. These persistent hot spots are anticipated to diminish over the forthcoming days, benefiting from the considerable resources deployed for their containment.

The fire’s Technical Directorate underscores the necessity for prudence over the weekend, urging that no access to the forest is permitted in the affected municipalities. This measure seeks to ensure operational readiness of intervention teams operating in the area.


Furthermore, roads TF-24 (La Esperanza road), TF-21 (La Orotava to Teide road), and TF 523 (Los Loros road) remain closed. Access to Teide via Vilaflor (TF-21) and Chío (TF-38) is available, but solely up to the cable car point.

Entry to the emergency zone, spanning over 14,000 hectares, is strictly prohibited. Additionally, all access points to the forested areas and trails remain closed to mitigate any risk to the population.

Numerous trails within Teide National Park are completely closed, including Trail nº 1 La Fortaleza, Trail nº 2 Arenas Negras, Trail nº 8 El Filo, Trail nº 14 Alto de Guamaso, Trail nº 17 Igueque, Trail nº 20 Volcán de Fasnia, Trail nº 21 Corral del Niño to La Yegua Blanca, Trail nº 25 Recibo Quemado, Trail nº 29 Degollada del Cedro, Trail nº 34 Montaña Limón, Trail nº 36 Alto de La Fortaleza, and Trail nº 37 Cerrillar-Carnicería.

Meanwhile, Footpath No. 4 Siete Cañadas is partially closed, spanning from the El Portillo Visitor Centre to its intersection with Footpath No. 30 Los Valles (Risco de La Papelera). Additionally, Footpath No. 22 Lomo Hurtado is partially closed from its origin connecting with Footpath No. 1 La Fortaleza to its junction with Footpath No. 33 Montaña Negra.


Throughout the previous day, a ground contingent of 195 personnel and 16 aerial assets were active in the region. A continual assessment will guide the de-escalation of intervention efforts based on the fire’s evolving conditions.

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