An increased number of British tourists to arrive in Spain

Over 4.5 million British travellers are set to capitalize on the upcoming bank holiday in the UK by traveling to Spain.

The influx of British tourists into Spain is expected to intensify during this final weekend of August. A total of 4.5 million travelers from the United Kingdom are projected to depart the country for overseas destinations, prompted by the upcoming public holiday on Monday.

This surge in travel is attributed to the fact that the UK has a public holiday on Monday, allowing for an extended weekend. The UK travel trade association ABTA predicts a strong demand for holidays due to this extra day off, despite the global inflation crisis impacting holiday budgets.

This summer has seen a return to pre-pandemic levels of travel for many British tourists. ABTA reports that destinations offering sun, sea, and sand are especially popular. During this weekend, a significant number of travelers are expected to visit Spain, particularly the Balearic and Canary Islands, along with Bulgaria, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco, and Greece.


This weekend will see a heightened influx of British tourists arriving in Spain,

ABTA highlights the enthusiasm for foreign travel this year, even in the face of rising living costs that influence holiday choices. Earlier research by ABTA indicated that travelers were employing various strategies to make the most of their holiday budgets, including choosing off-peak times for more affordable deals, cutting non-essential expenses, booking last-minute trips, and using pandemic savings towards their trips.

Graeme Buck, the director of communications at ABTA, remarked that foreign holiday demand has been consistently high this year, with many travel agents and operators reporting record sales. After disrupted holiday plans in recent years due to the pandemic, it’s evident that people are prioritizing getaways this year, even tapping into their pandemic savings to make it possible.

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