22 great brunch spots in Tenerife, from north to south

Looking for weekend plans? Indulging in a delightful brunch in Tenerife, whether in the vibrant south or the serene north, by the sparkling sea or nestled in the picturesque mountains, is a fail-proof choice.

Embracing the trendy blend of breakfast and lunch, the brunch culture has surged in popularity in recent years. When it comes to enjoying brunch in Tenerife, it becomes an exceptional option for weekends and days off.

What distinguishes the Canary Islands most is its diverse landscapes, charming locales, and gastronomic abundance that leaves no soul untouched. Consequently, opting for a specific area in Tenerife to unwind, commencing the day with a sumptuous brunch, and capping it off with a leisurely stroll or one of the island’s numerous activities, becomes one of the most appealing ways to spend a day off.

For this reason, the following list compiles venues from various corners of the island – the metropolitan area, the south, and the north – where you can relish a delectable brunch in Tenerife.


22 brunch spots across Tenerife, from north to south.
A perfect combination, brunch in Tenerife and a stroll around San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Creperie Les Îles

Situated near the Nuestra Señora de la Concepción church, Creperie Les Îles offers not just divine sweet and savory crepes, but also delightful cakes like red velvet, homemade bread sandwiches, and delectable bars. Their varied vegan menu is another plus.

Makika & Co

Located in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, this metropolitan favorite is renowned for its brunch and breakfast. The TripAdvisor reviews highlight the pleasant atmosphere within an interior Canarian patio, adorned with floral decor. Notably, their croissants and homemade marmalade stand out.

Caffetto Bar

At Caffeto Bar, homemade cakes and sweets take center stage. Situated in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, this cozy corner offers the option of brunch at home for days when indulging like royalty in the comfort of your abode is enticing, or for surprising loved ones on special occasions.

Café Melita

Perched on the main road linking Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo, Café Melita offers tranquility with splendid views. According to TripAdvisor patrons, the cakes, such as carrot cake or apple pie, are “delicious,” complemented by excellent coffee.

Dilema Café

Housed in a typical Canarian residence in La Laguna, Dilema Café stands as a picturesque establishment where you can savor some of the most exquisite brunches in Tenerife. The star of their brunch is the roast leg or avocado bagel, alongside the banana muffin and pumpkin sponge cake.


22 brunch spots across Tenerife, from north to south.
The capital of Tenerife has a wide range of places where you can enjoy a good brunch.

Sabela Bar & Food Market

Located at the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Sabela Bar & Food Market is a prime choice if your day’s plan includes exploring the capital or indulging in some shopping. Reviews on Google emphasize dishes like salmon and black pig toast, fresh fruit juices, and desserts like apple puff pastry. It’s also one of the brunch places in Tenerife offering breakfast delivery.

Unami Good Food

Standing out as a 100% vegan option, Unami Good Food offers a unique twist on brunches in Tenerife. Nestled in Santa Cruz’s center, this cozy space provides a healthy menu, with particular appreciation for its gluten-free selection. Their yogurt with fruit and vanilla biscuits receives much praise.

Café Caramba

On Sundays, Café Caramba, found on Calle la Marina, offers an unmissable brunch experience. The feast commences with pastries and toast topped with butter or jam, followed by an array of starters, like burrata foam with cherry tomatoes or the caramba platter with roast leg and almogrote. The options extend to second courses, encompassing dishes like eggs Benedict or the salmon bagel.

El Rinconcito de Dalia

Nestled in a quaint square in Santa Cruz, El Rinconcito de Dalia extends a brunch menu all week long. Featuring an assortment of Iberian cured meats, homemade breads, homemade sponge cake, fig jam, and an array of assorted fruit, their offering ensures patrons depart with satisfied palates. Additionally, this cozy spot offers irresistible cakes that practically beckon a return visit.

Kocora Café

Kocora Café is situated in Tenerife’s capital, specifically in La Granja Park, where a terrace allows you to bask in the Santa Cruz sunshine. Reviews from patrons highlight the variety of brunches that leave nothing amiss. Orange juice, coffee, a selection of homemade breads, Canarian cheeses, and toasts are among the delectable offerings at this Tenerife brunch.


A brunch in Tenerife, accompanied by the spectacular views of the north of the island, is an ideal plan.

Mirador San Pedro, Los Realejos

Over the years, numerous brunch spots in Tenerife have gained recognition, and Mirador San Pedro in Los Realejos is a notable example. This restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a view of the sea. Nestling amidst the marvels of the northern Tenerife landscape, the brunch at Mirador San Pedro is a feast that refuses to disappoint.

Mostaza Beer, Icod de los Vinos

On weekends, Mostaza Beer in Icod de los Vinos presents a scrumptious brunch experience on their terrace. Their offerings encompass savory, sweet, or mixed brunches, with choices like scrambled eggs, nachos with guacamole, waffles, or yogurt with cereals, catering to diverse tastes. The original presentation of dishes has garnered admiration from many satisfied Google reviewers.

Tasca Sansofé, La Orotava

Tasca Sansofé stands out for its commitment to fresh, local ingredients. Their brunch includes homemade sponge cakes and pastries, fig jam, and scrambled egg timbale, among other delights. Their vegetarian and children’s brunch options add to their appeal. The name of this establishment traces its origin to an expression of welcome used by the Guanches, indigenous inhabitants of Tenerife.

Café de Manuela, Ravelo

Café de Manuela graces El Sauzal’s Ravelo area, offering a sweeping terrace view of Teide and the island. This café presents a comprehensive brunch, featuring an array of homemade breads, natural yogurt, omelettes, salads, and even a glass of cava. Live music adds an enchanting touch to the ambiance.

Casa del Vino, El Sauzal

An emblem of the island, Casa del Vino in El Sauzal celebrates Tenerife’s local produce. Amidst a delightful atmosphere, between the museum and the shop, lies the restaurant and its terrace, providing a panoramic view. The addition of brunch, naturally paired with a local wine, enriches the experience.

Bollullo Beach, La Orotava

Overlooking the coast of La Orotava, Bollullo Beach’s terrace treats patrons to incredible vistas of one of the archipelago’s most striking wild black sand beaches – El Bollullo Beach. Their brunch’s homemade bread, fruit, and scrambled eggs taste even better against this backdrop. If conditions allow, a refreshing dip in the northern waters adds a perfect finish to a Sunday afternoon.

Terrazas del Sauzal

Terrazas del Sauzal, positioned in a prime location, boasts stunning views, including the majestic Teide in the backdrop. This spot could easily win the title of one of the most Instagram-worthy brunches in Tenerife. Canarian chorizo tosta, canaria de chorizo palmero, or smoked salmon tartlet, coupled with cava, natural juice, tea, or coffee, contribute to a sumptuous experience.


One of the best weekend plans is to enjoy a good brunch in Tenerife and visit the south of the island.

Pistacho Coffee Brunch Tenerife Sur, Los Cristianos

Venturing south to Los Cristianos, Pistacho Coffee Brunch offers an original and health-conscious brunch option. Açaí bowls with fruit and muesli, a diverse array of toasts, and flavorful juices with various condiments are among the highlights at this charming establishment.

La Bohême d’Emilie, Candelaria

Nestled on one of Candelaria’s bustling avenues, La Bohême d’Emilie offers various types of brunch catering to diverse preferences. Their specialty, crepes, takes center stage in this delightful café located near the soothing sound of the sea.

Palmera Coffee Brunch Tenerife Sur, Los Cristianos

In the south of Tenerife, Palmera Coffee Brunch presents a unique brunch experience, served on a rotating table, offering a blend of sweet and savory fare, fresh juices, and hot beverages. Their presentation and vegetarian options garner praise from patrons, along with their toast, sandwiches, and burgers.

Bloom Bar & Brunch, La Caleta

Embracing brunch in Tenerife, especially with the southern sun, is a delightful pleasure. Bloom Bar & Brunch in La Caleta caters to this desire, delighting visitors with both their picturesque dishes and décor. Their elaborate presentation, “worthy of Instagram,” sets the scene for a range of delectable options, from Greek yogurt with granola to scrambled or poached eggs, meat or vegan burgers, pancakes, and strawberries with chocolate.

Twenty 04 Surf Café, El Médano

Twenty O4 Surf Café in El Médano is another haven for brunch enthusiasts. This seaside establishment follows a concept of healthy dishes, spotlighting fresh, local ingredients from the Farmer’s Market and other local suppliers. To top it off, a dip in El Médano beach or Tejita beach can perfectly cap off the brunch experience.

Now, it’s time to revel in one of these exquisite brunches in Tenerife!

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