Tenerife’s GF Isabel 5-star canine paradise: Pets Land & Spa

Now, you can enjoy a holiday at GF Isabel Hotel alongside your faithful "furry" companion in an environment that surpasses all expectations.

GF Isabel Hotel elevates the holiday experience to new heights with the introduction of Pets Land & Spa: a unique and unprecedented daycare and pampering service exclusively for the canine companions of the hotel’s guests, a first in the Canary Islands. This dedicated space caters to small dogs weighing under 20 kilograms, enhancing getaways into unforgettable memories for both pets and their owners.

Now, the possibility to share a vacation with your loyal “furry” friend in an environment that surpasses expectations becomes a reality. From pet-friendly accommodations to the enchanting haven of Pets Land Spa, GF Isabel Hotel has crafted a realm where hospitality and opulence extend to the cherished family canines.

The pinnacle of this experience resides in the Pets Land Spa, where dogs can revel in a luxurious bath infused with bubbles and essential oils that rejuvenate their senses and enhance their coats. Styling and grooming services are also on offer, transforming your beloved pet into a genuine style icon. Accompanied by expert staff dedicated to delivering five-star service, every “four-legged guest” is treated with the care and attention they truly deserve, setting a distinct standard in the Canary Islands.

At Pets Land & Spa, your furry companion is treated to a recreational haven, complete with captivating tunnels, interactive toys, and even a mini-pool for their delight. This is a place where pets can socialize, exercise, and expend their energy within a secure and welcoming atmosphere.

GF Isabel Hotel's 5-star canine paradise: Pets  Land & Spa.

GF Isabel: day care service for pets

For those occasions when guests wish to explore the hotel without their pet, the establishment extends a pet sitting service, staffed by dedicated professionals who provide constant companionship to the dogs. With this supplementary service, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your pet is in the hands of experts.

“We recognize the significance of pets to many of our patrons, and thus, we proudly present this distinctive service—a rarity in the Canary Islands,” states Maria Molinero, Director of GF Isabel. “We comprehend that pets have evolved into family members, deserving the same level of care and attention we extend to our guests.”

Pura Sangre Canarias Pet Friendly Spaces is the company behind this remarkable service, and Guillermo Alberto Pérez, its CEO, elucidates that the caliber of Pets Land & Spa is a testament to the dedication poured into this venture. This initiative, launched in collaboration with GF Hotels, a brand known for its visionary approach, has created an alliance that pioneers a unique product in Spain, elevating comfort and exclusivity to an unprecedented level.

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