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Sustainability initiatives by the La Palma Biosphere Reserve Foundation

Three sustainability initiatives for La Palma are supported by a 106,000 Euro budget from the Vice-Ministry of Ecological Transition, Climate Change, and Energy.

The La Palma Biosphere Reserve Foundation is embarking on three projects aimed at further enhancing the island’s sustainability model. These initiatives, funded by the Vice-Ministry of Ecological Transition, Climate Change, and Energy of the Canary Islands Government, have a combined budget of 106,000 euros, as confirmed by the Island Council of La Palma.

The approved projects, currently in progress for implementation and development, include:

  1. Management Plan for the Next Decade: The Management Plan for the La Palma World Biosphere Reserve (2023-2032) is a strategic document that outlines conservation, development, and logistical actions for the entity. It addresses objectives and emerging challenges on the island, guiding policies towards sustainability. This initiative has been allocated a budget of 49,000 euros.
  2. Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals: Continuing previous efforts, this project focuses on localizing the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within La Palma. The emphasis is on identifying SDGs, particularly at the municipal level. This initiative has secured a budget of 35,000 euros.
  3. Signage Renovation and Improvement: The project aims to update and improve the signage of the La Palma World Biosphere Reserve, ensuring it reflects current content. With a budget of 22,000 euros, the goal is to maintain and enhance the signs installed throughout the island, which face exposure to weather and vandalism, necessitating consistent investment.
Sustainability initiatives by the La Palma Biosphere Reserve Foundation.

These initiatives underline the foundation’s commitment to advancing sustainability and protecting the natural and cultural heritage of La Palma. The effort aligns with the island’s dedication to responsible development and environmental preservation.

Moreover, the foundation’s projects reflect an ongoing dedication to promoting sustainable practices, informed development, and effective communication within the community. As La Palma’s biosphere reserve continues to thrive, these efforts will contribute to a resilient and thriving environment for both residents and visitors.

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