The Guimerá Theatre in Tenerife: an autumn of celebrating the performing arts

Between the months of September and December, Santa Cruz de Tenerife's theatre will come alive with an impressive array of performances. The stage will feature the plays 'Plátanos, cacahuetes y lo que el viento se llevó' ('Bananas, Peanuts and Gone with the Wind'), 'Amistad' ('Friendship'), and Shakespeare's 'La comedia de los errores' ('The Comedy of Errors').

The Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is set to be a hub of artistic and cultural activity this autumn, with an extensive schedule that embraces a multitude of performing arts. Showcasing talent not just from the Canary Islands but from abroad as well, the theatre aims to touch hearts, spark thoughts, and invoke a plethora of emotions.

The curtain rises on the season with a contemporary dance performance called Hâmaïkà. Scheduled for 22 September at 20:30, this evocative piece features dancers Ainhoa Usandizaga, Emma Riba, David Candela, and Joan Ferré, and explores important social themes like diversity, gender identity, and personal freedom.

The Guimerá Theatre: an autumn of celebrating the performing arts.

Following closely on 23 September at the same time, Gospel Shine Voices, a vocal ensemble hailing from Tenerife, will take the stage. Their repertoire stretches from traditional Negro spirituals to modern European gospel tunes, offering an enriching auditory experience.

September’s programming will close on a theatrical note with the staging of Plátanos, cacahuetes y Lo que el viento se llevó. Happening on the 29th and 30th at 20:30, this fascinating play delves into the chaotic behind-the-scenes world of film-making, focusing on one of cinema’s most iconic titles.

October renews its emphasis on dance with Loop, performed by Madrid-based company Aracaladanza. On the 8th and 9th, the ensemble will pay homage to the transformative magic that allows a simple stage to become an entirely different world.

The performing arts venue then embraces the world of circus with Ciclicus’s show, Vetus Venustas, on 11 October at 20:00. This performance challenges societal norms about usefulness and aging, set against a backdrop of an artistic warehouse.

November will be ushered in with soulful Fado music by Portuguese artist Beatriz Felício on the 3rd at 20:30. This will be followed by a children’s theatrical event, Alisia, on the 5th at 17:00 and 18:00, which promises to take the younger audience on an imaginary journey through the life cycle of a cloud.

A mid-November highlight is the performance by Ballets de Tenerife, presenting their piece Ayeo on the 11th at 20:30. The narrative aims to offer more than just picturesque settings and romantic ideals, bringing to light the harsh realities that people face.

November’s artistic journey concludes with a musical performance by Natalia Jiménez from Madrid. She will grace the Guimerá stage on the 29th at 20:30, as part of her Anthology Tour.

As winter approaches, the theatre has already announced two December shows. The play El inconveniente, penned and directed by Juan Carlos Rubio, is set for 1 and 2 December at 20:30. Another noteworthy production is El último verso, focussing on the tragic final days of famed poet Federico García Lorca, to be staged on 15 and 16 December at 20:00.

Finally, the Orquesta de Cámara de Canarias is slated to give a special anniversary concert on 12 November at 19:00, honouring its long-standing tradition that began in 1935.

In summary, the Teatro Guimerá’s autumn programme promises an eclectic and emotionally enriching series of performances for its audience.

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