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A luxury yacht owned by a global restaurant tycoon docked in Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s harbour

The luxurious yacht moored in Santa Cruz de Tenerife's harbour boasts a steel hull, a helicopter pad, and an aluminium superstructure, all with an estimated value of $150 million.

A jaw-dropping superyacht has caught the eye of onlookers taking a leisurely walk on Tuesday alongside the Santa Cruz de Tenerife harbour. Named Boardwalk, this lavish 77-metre vessel features a steel hull, a helideck at the stern hosting an Airbus H310 helicopter, and an aluminium superstructure.

The ship, weighing 1,848 gross tons and registered in Grand Cayman, belongs to American billionaire Tilman Fertitta. Fertitta’s business empire includes restaurant company Landry’s and the NBA team, the Houston Rockets, among others. His staggering net worth of $8.3 billion ranks him at 256th on the Forbes list.

As reported by the Mega Rich portal, Fertitta commissioned the construction of Boardwalk, which was launched in 2021. The ship first arrived at Feadship’s Aalsmeer shipyard for its outfitting back in December 2019. The superyacht comes with an estimated price tag of $150 million.

Other Luxury Vessels in the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

A luxury yacht owned by a global restaurant tycoon docked in Santa Cruz de Tenerife's harbour

Boardwalk isn’t the only luxury vessel to grace Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s port. Rewind to December 2022, and one would find the Black Pearl, named in tribute to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Owned by Russian oligarch Oleg Burlakov, this opulent ship carries a price tag of €200 million.

Fast forward to January 2023, and the port welcomed Calex, dubbed the “yacht of the future.” It’s owned by David Wilson, who purchased a Toyota dealership in the United States in 1985—a company that, according to industry insiders, has been selling a car every 30 minutes for the past 30 years.

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