Henry Cavill spotted in Tenerife: Superman dines at renowned eatery in the south of the island

Celebrated actor Henry Cavill and his partner enjoyed a delightful lunch at La Torre del Mirador, a renowned restaurant in the south of Tenerife.

Henry Cavill, famed for his portrayal of Superman, is currently on location in Tenerife shooting Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film. Seizing the chance to explore the island, Cavill and his partner dined at La Torre del Mirador, a notable restaurant in the island’s southern region, yesterday.

As the restaurant told DIARIO DE AVISOS, the couple arrived without a reservation and chose a seaside table, setting the scene for a “romantic” dining experience. Over the course of two hours, they indulged in a seafood-centric meal.

Initially, the staff didn’t recognise the renowned actor. Once they realised who was gracing their establishment, however, they took extra care to ensure the couple’s privacy and serenity, minimising any potential disruptions.

The restaurant later posted the photo on social media, captioning it: “If Superman endorses our cuisine, you know it’s genuinely extraordinary! Thank you, Henry Cavill, for declaring our restaurant your ‘Culinary Kryptonite.'”

Situated between the Bahía del Duque and Mirador hotels on the Costa Adeje, La Torre del Mirador offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the nearby island of La Gomera. Managed by the Sides family, the eatery is lauded for its impeccable service and culinary prowess, skillfully blending traditional and contemporary flavours to provide an unparalleled dining experience in Tenerife.

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