August sees increase in Canary Islands unemployment by 446 Individuals

The Canary Islands closed the month with a total of 172,929 unemployed persons.

In August, the Canary Islands experienced a modest rise in registered unemployment, increasing by 446 individuals compared to July, as reported on Monday by the Ministry of Labour. This brings the total number of unemployed people in the region to 172,929, marking a 0.26% increase from the previous month. However, compared to August of last year, unemployment has actually decreased by 17,360 people, or 9.12%.

Breaking it down by province, the province of Las Palmas saw an increase of 494 unemployed persons, whereas the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife noted a decrease by 48 individuals.

August sees increase in Canary Islands unemployment by 446 Individuals.

Nationally, Spain’s employment landscape in August was less optimistic. The month recorded an average drop of 185,385 people in Social Security registrations and an additional 24,826 people joining the ranks of the unemployed. This interrupts a five-month trend of declining unemployment and record numbers of Social Security enrolments.

Among Spain’s autonomous communities, only La Rioja saw a reduction in unemployment, with a decrease of 49 individuals. The other 16 autonomous regions experienced a rise, led by Catalonia with an increase of 7,516 unemployed individuals. The Community of Valencia and Andalusia followed, with 3,190 and 2,882 more unemployed persons, respectively.

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