Top 11 Canarian gofio dishes: understanding what gofio is and how to utilise it in your cooking

Escaldón and sancocho are among the archipelago's most iconic dishes, yet there are numerous easy-to-make and scrumptious recipes featuring Canarian gofio.

The culinary landscape of the Canary Islands is experiencing a surge in recipes featuring gofio canario, the archipelago’s quintessential foodstuff. Traditional Canarian dishes like Escaldón, sancocho, and gofio paste are but a handful of the many ways this versatile, nutrient-rich ingredient can be employed. In light of its growing popularity and versatility, we’ve assembled a collection of eleven gofio-centric recipes that not only tantalise the taste buds but also keep the Canarian culinary tradition alive.

What is gofio?

Gofio is an integral part of Canarian cuisine, made from roasted cereal flours such as millet, wheat, or a mixture of both, and then ground into a fine powder using stone mills. This highly nutritious food item can be stirred into milk for an energy-boosting breakfast or incorporated into stews for a hearty lunch. Additionally, its compatibility with fruits like banana or dairy products like yoghurt makes it an ideal snack. Athletes, too, can benefit from its nutritional content, making it a suitable post-workout meal. Historically, it served as the primary sustenance for the Guanches, the indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

Inspiring Canarian gofio dishes

The following list encompasses eleven captivating recipes that incorporate gofio, suitable for various occasions:

1. Escaldón de gofio

Top 11 Canarian gofio recipes: understanding what gofio is and how to utilise it in your cooking.

A staple in local guachinches, escaldón is a harmonious blend of gofio and broth, usually enriched with either fish, vegetables, or meat. Achieving the perfect balance is essential for a delectable escaldón. Enhancements like green or red mojo sauces, along with diced onion and soft white cheese, result in an authentically delicious Escaldón de gofio canario.

2. Gofio pancakes

Transform your breakfast with gofio pancakes, using ingredients like corn or wheat gofio, Canary Island bananas, eggs, yeast or baking powder, cinnamon, milk, and olive oil. They offer a wholesome, Canarian twist to traditional breakfast cereals.

3. Canarian sancocho

Sancocho Canario is a beloved local dish featuring salted fish such as wreckfish or cod, along with potatoes, sweet potatoes, pella de gofio, and the indispensable mojo verde sauce. The pella de gofio is crafted using the fish-cooking water and gofio, while the mojo verde sauce has its own set of unique ingredients, often tailored according to family recipes.

4. Banana with gofio

For an easy yet nutritious breakfast or afternoon snack, opt for plantains with gofio, potentially enriched with yoghurt or maria biscuits. This combination is especially beneficial for young children and offers a high-energy meal option.

5. Gofio mousse

An effortlessly elegant dessert, gofio mousse requires whipping cream, eggs, gofio, condensed milk, and whole milk. The resultant dish can be garnished with toasted almonds or chocolate shavings for extra flair.

6. Gofio butter biscuits

Add a Canarian twist to your Christmas celebrations with gofio shortbread, a fun and interactive baking activity perfect for engaging the younger members of your family.

7. Gofio paste

This simple yet essential dish only requires sugar, water, and gofio, and can be embellished with honey or Canary Island bananas to sweeten it further.

8. Gofio sponge cake

A family-friendly recipe, the gofio sponge cake can be adapted to include apples, offering a delightful variation to this traditional baked good.

9. Polvorones de gofio y almendras (almond and gofio shortbread)

A Christmas special, these almond and gofio shortbreads are a mouthwatering homemade treat requiring specific preparation steps for optimal texture and flavour.

10. Gofio bonbons

These bite-sized bonbons are an excellent snack or coffee-time treat, combining ripe Canary Island bananas, honey, chopped walnuts, gofio, cinnamon, and chocolate coating.

11. Gofio nougat

Add some Canarian flair to your Christmas desserts with gofio nougat, incorporating maria biscuits, bananas, orange juice, cinnamon, butter, honey, and either grated coconut or icing sugar for decoration.

In summary, gofio is a versatile and nutrient-packed ingredient that plays a significant role in Canarian cuisine, providing countless opportunities for culinary creativity.

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