The Valleseco beach in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in its final stretch

The Port Authority confirms that construction of the Valleseco beach is set to conclude in the first half of the month, while the Town Hall aims to make the area accessible to the public "before December."

After just over two years of construction, the development of the bathing area along the Valleseco coastline is nearing its conclusion. “The work is almost complete. We’re wrapping up the final elements and concurrently preparing the administrative paperwork to transfer the area’s upkeep to the Town Hall,” stated Pedro Suárez, President of the Port Authority. Accordingly, he announced that all works are expected to be finalised “in the first half of September.”

Some finishing touches and administrative procedures are yet to be finalised, leading Santa Cruz de Tenerife Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez to aim for the area’s public opening “before December.”

Over recent months, the focus of the construction work has predominantly been on the land-based elements. Suárez elaborated that “the pedestrian walkways are complete, as are the two buildings to the north and south, which will house a small dining area and amenities including changing rooms and Red Cross facilities.” These structures will complement a terraced garden, where palm trees and large flora have already been planted.

The Santa Cruz beach of Valleseco, in its final stretch.

Suárez also noted that “all access points to the sea are complete, along with the entire surface paving and installations.” Previously completed elements include steps that will function as a sunbathing area and two floating swim platforms.

Currently, “the final touches to the gardening, locks, handrail assembly, and shower installations are underway,” added Suárez. He emphasised that paperwork is being prepared for transferring maintenance responsibilities to the City Council.

Pedro Suárez said that meetings are already being scheduled with the Santa Cruz City Council to iron out administrative aspects, calling the progress “fantastic news” and expressing great satisfaction at the nearing completion of a long-contemplated project.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bermúdez noted that the Town Hall aims for a public opening “once all the minor details have been sorted.”


The Sol y Sombra project, conceived by architects Casariego-Guerra and long in planning, kicked off in June 2021 with a projected 22-month duration and a budget of €13,632,573. The project was funded through a partnership between various levels of government, including the central government, the Canary Islands Executive, the Island Council, and the Santa Cruz City Council.

Despite the initial deadline for completion set for last April, unforeseen circumstances like an accident involving one of the footbridges and delays in material arrivals led to several extensions. The final leg of the project now focuses on the remaining gardening work, assembly of railings and handrails, and the installation of showers.

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