Summer Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz until Sunday

The current Summer Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz is designed to highlight one of the most unique events on the regional festive calendar.

The Canary Islands’ Carnival capital, Puerto de la Cruz, has kicked off the 8th edition of its annual Summer Carnival, positioning it as a focal point for tourists and highlighting the uniqueness of the region’s festive celebrations. Unlike last year, where well-known artists like Marta Sánchez performed, this year’s programme offers no official announcements of celebrity appearances. The key events, including this Friday’s gala to crown the Carnival King, will take place at the Costa Martiánez Tourist Complex. Jorge González and others are scheduled to perform.

This year, the agenda centres around the Costa Martiánez Tourist Complex, aiming to offer a tantalising preview of the winter festivities. “The summer edition of the Canary Islands Carnival is doubling down on showcasing the vibrancy and flair of this iconic festival,” said the Mayor, who encouraged public participation in the line-up of events, especially the king’s coronation gala.

Summer Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz until Sunday.

Yesterday’s inaugural gala, featuring various Carnival groups and Alejandra Bello, marked the beginning of the celebrations. The festivities will culminate in a Sunday parade along Avenida Familia Betancourt y Molina, Avenida Colón and Plaza Reyes Católicos. Noemí Fernández, the Councillor for Festivities, stated that this year’s events, directed by artist and choreographer Wycho Torres, serve as “a celebration of our collective spirit and the core of what makes our Carnival special.”

Exhibition to Unveil the Nuances of the Summer Carnival

An exhibition titled ExpoCarnaval 2023 opens tomorrow at the Martiánez Shopping Centre, offering visitors a deep dive into the intricacies of the festivities. Throughout the week, various Carnival groups will perform at local hotels to amplify the festival’s visibility among tourists.

Weekend activities include a Children’s Summer Carnival featuring inflatable water castles and a foam party. In the evening, the pool complex will host a Float Party featuring 80s-themed entertainment by the Puretas Project. Admission is free but seating is limited. The event series concludes on Sunday with a family-friendly DJ Carnival Summer Party, in collaboration with Marcha FM.

Looking ahead, the city of Puerto de la Cruz is already setting its sights on the International Carnival slated for February 2024, aiming to continue its tradition of offering a joyous, open celebration that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the island.

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