51 free children’s activities in Santa Cruz de Tenerife available until November

The list of activities in the campaign of Santa Cruz de Tenerife ranges from rom historical routes to parades.

With the start of September, Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s Town Hall has launched an ambitious series of events in various neighbourhoods, as part of its ‘Back to School’ campaign. Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez announced that the events, offering 100 hours of activities across nine different areas, aim to ensure that all parts of the municipality, not just the centre, have family-friendly activities.

The activities are part of the DUSI strategy project ‘Anaga en el Corazón-Santa Cruz de Tenerife’, which is 85% co-funded by FEDER and will run every Saturday until November. Carmen Pérez, CEO of the Development Company, noted that the events, including children’s workshops, parades, and guided tours, will primarily be located in neighbourhoods from Taganana to La Salud, and from Residencial Anaga to San Andrés.

Pérez emphasized that the initiative aims to drive consumer engagement and revitalise the local economy. It will involve more than 50 street animations, benefiting nine neighbourhoods in three districts: Centro-Ifara, Salud-La Salle, and Anaga.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Starting this weekend, children’s workshops will be held from 11:00 to 14:00 at various locations, focusing on crafting gift boxes, bookmarks, and floral face painting. Additionally, ‘Mariachi Atlántico’ will perform at multiple venues between 11:00 and 14:15.

In the coming Saturdays, the locations for these events and the themes will vary, including environmental workshops, face painting, seahorse crafting, and various parades featuring beloved characters like The Canine Patrol and the Smurfs.

The programme will also include 18 guided tours aimed at showcasing the historical and cultural heritage of Anaga and surrounding areas. These tours will be held every Saturday between 9th September and 18th November and can be registered for free via

The full schedule, including times and locations, is available on the programme’s official website. This initiative falls under the wider ‘Anaga in the Heart – Santa Cruz de Tenerife’ strategy, which aims to drive economic and social promotion and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council.

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