Mediterranean Palace Hotel trades its signature blue for a fresh white exterior

The Mediterranean Palace Hotel, a landmark in Arona during the 1990s and situated along the renowned 'golden mile,' is undergoing a transformation, with completion not expected until February.

The Mediterranean Palace Hotel, an emblem of Arona’s tourism sector in the late ’90s and early 2000s, is embarking on a significant facelift. Known for its distinct blue façade, the hotel has been a recognisable part of the Playa de las Américas’ illustrious ‘golden mile.’ Now, this iconic hue is giving way to a sleek white exterior, marking a new chapter in the hotel’s history.

This transformation isn’t isolated; the Mediterranean Palace Hotel is part of the Mare Nostrum Resort complex, which also features the Sir Anthony and Cleopatra hotels. These three establishments are undergoing comprehensive renovations, with an investment that hasn’t been publicly disclosed but is confirmed to be over ninety million euros. This considerable outlay aims to revitalise the facilities and bring them up to contemporary standards, ensuring they remain at the forefront of Tenerife’s hospitality sector.

Ownership of the Mare Nostrum Resort complex shifted in 2021, when it was acquired by the Canadian investment fund, Brookfield, as part of a larger 430-million-euro deal that also included three other hotel properties in Spain. The acquisition proved to be shrewd, as Brookfield was able to sell off just one of these properties—the Princesa Sofia Hotel in Barcelona—for a staggering 180 million euros, indicating the lucrative nature of this portfolio.

In terms of renovation timelines, the Sir Anthony hotel is slated to be the first to reopen its doors in early summer, followed by the Mare Nostrum in September. However, industry insiders suggest that this timeline might be optimistic. According to sources close to the project, the completion date for the Mediterranean Palace Hotel will more likely be in February, a delay that will also push back the scheduled closure of the Cleopatra hotel for its own set of renovations.

Mediterranean Palace Hotel trades its signature blue for a fresh white exterior.

The Mare Nostrum Resort is a sprawling complex, with over 1,000 rooms spread across the three hotels. In addition to these accommodations, the resort boasts the Pyramid of Arona, Tenerife’s largest auditorium, and a series of dining and entertainment venues, including the Hard Rock Café and the Palapa beach club.

In summary, this extensive revamp seeks to reposition the Mare Nostrum Resort—and, by extension, the Mediterranean Palace Hotel—as a leading destination in Tenerife’s competitive tourism market. By updating its look and modernising its facilities, the resort is well on its way to achieving this, although it appears that eager visitors may have to wait a bit longer than initially anticipated to enjoy these new upgrades.

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