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Parking fees to be introduced in Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s downtown

The City Council commissions a study to identify potential areas for regulated, paid parking with time restrictions.

The Town Hall of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, via its Strategic Planning division, revealed yesterday that it has granted a minor consultancy contract to Blulain S.L. The €14,124 contract is aimed at diagnosing parking issues in the city centre and recommending regulated zones, along with estimating parking turnover rates. This comes as a response to the ongoing shortage of parking spaces in the area.

As clarified by the local administration, the typical approach in these areas involves paying for a ticket and setting time or residency restrictions for the use of spaces.


Parking fees to be introduced in Santa Cruz de Tenerife's downtown.

Carlos Tarife, the Councillor for Strategic Planning, stated, “We are committed to transforming Santa Cruz into a more sustainable and accessible city where movement and circulation are well-regulated.” He added, “Numerous cities, not just in Spain, have adopted regulated services to address parking scarcity. This not only improves space management but also encourages the usage of cleaner vehicles. This contributes to air quality, a public health matter that must not be ignored.”

According to the City Council, many European cities operate regulated services that manage, control, and dictate vehicle stationing in specific public areas. This aims to balance the use of public space, promote public transport, and minimise pollution.

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