The “Tapa de la Huerta” route arrives in Santa Cruz: prices, dates and establishments

The capital of Tenerife is offering around 60 gastronomic proposals ultil 24 September as part of the "Tapa de la Huerta" route.

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife “Tapa de la Huerta” Route is officially underway, featuring around 60 local eateries in its line-up. From today until 24th September, the Tenerife capital will present a special gastronomic deal: a tapa and a drink for just 4 euros.

This latest iteration of the event aims to highlight vegetable produce from various regions including the Anaga Massif, the EDUSI territory, and the broader areas of Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

Tapa de la Huerta Route arrives in Santa Cruz: prices, dates and establishments.

For those interested in participating, details about the establishments—including their operating hours, locations, and the specific ingredients used in their tapas—are available on the webapp Some of the eateries involved in this culinary journey include Bar Barbastro, Como en Casa Lila, 2 Grados Centígrados, Contigo-Comida Saludable, Auyama Real Food, Restaurante Vintage, and Bar Demi.

The event will also feature a voting system, rewarding both patrons and establishments. The top three tapas will be selected based on public vote, and the three users who actively participate in the voting via the webapp will also receive accolades.

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