Tegueste Carriage Parade arrives: date, time and route

Disney characters, bands, fanfares, giants and big-heads will take part in the traditional Tegueste parade.

The Tegueste Town Council, via its Festivities Department, is set to host the customary Float Procession, a spectacle that will grace the central streets of Tegueste in celebration of this longstanding local custom.

Scheduled for this Saturday, 9th September, at 9:00 pm, the event forms part of the Fiestas de Los Remedios and will feature an ensemble of Disney characters, musical bands, trumpeters, as well as towering giants and caricatured big-heads.

Ana Rosa Mena, the town’s mayoress, emphasises that the event “embodies a fragment of our cultural uniqueness, spotlighting the innovation and noteworthy contributions from our younger community members to our annual celebrations.” She further states, “It’s crucial that we perpetuate such events, which serve as moving canvases of genuine artistry.”

Eladia López, the Festivities Councillor, applauds “the priceless efforts of Tegueste’s youth and various community groups in preserving a festival that brings the locals together year after year.” She added, “Our streets come alive with zest, imagination, and vibrant hues during this extraordinary day.”

Tegueste Carriage Parade arrives: date, time and route.

Kicking off from Plaza de San Marcos, the procession will include Disney characters, bugle and drum bands, trumpeters, as well as giants and big-heads, as they wind their way through Tegueste’s main streets.

This tradition, revitalised in 1987, elevates the ingenuity and craftwork of Tegueste’s youth. The Float Procession will headline a weekend packed with performances from the Teymar orchestra and the Laty Son group.

On the following Sunday, 10th September, at noon, a choral Eucharist service will be held, followed by a procession featuring the sacred effigy of Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios.

At 6:30 pm, the Music Band Contest of Virgen de Los Remedios will unfold in Plaza de San Marcos, with performances from Unión Musical Aida de San Andrés, Agrupación Musical Nuestra Señora de Lourdes de Valle de Guerra, and Agrupación Musical San Marcos Evangelista. The evening will conclude with a performance from the group Son 21, marking the end of the second weekend of Fiestas de Los Remedios.

Additionally, on Monday, 11th September, from 6:00 pm onwards, there will be a preparation and distribution of paella. This will be followed by a lively evening dance at 7:00 pm featuring performances from the Banda Loca orchestra and the Atenia group, leading up to the Float Procession, its traditional Battle of Flowers, and the parade of comparsas.

For those interested in the full line-up of events for the Fiestas in Honour of Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios, the programme can be accessed online at this link:, or directly at the Town Hall.

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