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Fire in Tenerife successfully contained

The fire in Tenerife ravaged over 14,000 hectares within a 90-kilometre perimeter.

Nearly a month after its outbreak on 15 August, the Tenerife blaze has been officially declared under control.

During an extraordinary meeting of the island’s governing body on Monday, Rosa Dávila, President of the Island Council de Tenerife, made the formal announcement.

The conflagration impacted an expanse of over 14,000 hectares within a 90-kilometre boundary.


Fire in Tenerife successfully contained.

Rosa Dávila emphasised that more than 110 personnel are still diligently tackling the blaze at its fringes, while also focusing on the restoration of pathways and roads.

The head of the Tenerife Island Council warned that unauthorised entry into the fire-stricken zone poses a risk to both the intruders and the emergency crews on site.

Dávila noted that hazardous activities like controlled burns and tree removals are ongoing. Such activities should not be undertaken unless it is absolutely certain that no other individuals are present in the affected vicinity.

The Cabildo de Tenerife’s president further indicated that the Guardia Civil would issue penalties to those who recklessly enter the fire’s perimeter.

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