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La Gomera Tourism unveils new marketing campaign targeted at European audience

The La Gomera Island Council is launching the third instalment of its 'Naturally Magical' promotional campaign, with the aim of bolstering the island's standing as a prime tourist destination within the European market.

The Island Council de La Gomera is rolling out the third phase of its ‘Naturally Magical’ marketing initiative, aimed at strengthening the island’s position as a European tourist hotspot.

Focused on the winter season, the campaign employs a range of advertising mediums to showcase the island’s unique attributes to a European audience.

In a press statement, island president Casimiro Curbelo revealed that the promotional efforts will be rolled out in the coming weeks across key European cities with direct flights to Tenerife South. These cities include Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Munich in Germany; Vienna and Salzburg in Austria; Zurich and Basel in Switzerland; Dublin and Cork in Ireland; and Stockholm in Sweden.

“The objective of this advertising push is to raise La Gomera’s profile as a holiday destination, encouraging potential visitors to prioritise it in their travel plans. The campaign will shine a spotlight on key tourist draws such as the island’s natural beauty and climate, outdoor pursuits, cultural heritage, historical sites, and its focus on sustainable tourism,” Curbelo elaborated.

La Gomera Tourism unveils new marketing campaign targeted at European audience.

Continuing from earlier phases, the campaign will feature programmatic advertising in multiple languages tailored to the target markets, alongside audiovisual content accessible via La Gomera Tourism’s digital platforms.

Designed with the typical behaviour of European consumers in mind, who generally plan their holidays well in advance, the campaign is also expected to positively influence last-minute bookings, augmenting existing reservations for the winter season.

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