Puntalarga (Tenerife), the trendy destination where summer never ends

Puntalarga, the coastal stretch of Candelaria in Tenerife, welcomes a daily influx of visitors drawn to its climate, beaches, and a diverse culinary scene that brings flavors from around the world within just a few hundred meters.

As the sun begins its descent behind the peaks, the coastal avenue of Puntalarga in Candelaria undergoes a remarkable transformation. What was once a half-empty pedestrian promenade, scorched by the summer sun, suddenly springs to life. Locals and visitors alike converge upon it as if in a spontaneous gathering. They come to stroll, engage in sports, walk their dogs, or simply converse by the sea. This pedestrian stretch, which continues to attract thousands of people of all ages, especially on weekends, presents a vibrant scene as summer lingers on.

This avenue, previously traversed by waves of pilgrims heading to the basilica to pay homage to the Patron Saint of the Canary Islands, and more recently marred by the aftermath of a devastating forest fire on the island’s summit, has once again embraced its characteristic festive atmosphere. It now welcomes both leisurely holidaymakers and those seeking a day in close proximity to the sea, whether for its visual or physical allure in one of its coves. Many are also drawn by the gastronomic diversity offered by the area, another significant attraction for visitors.

Puntalarga (Tenerife): the trendy destination where summer never ends.


Few places in Tenerife can boast such a concentration of diverse restaurants as the Puntalarga coastline. Within a mere 200 meters, one can find establishments specializing in Canarian, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Argentinian, and international cuisine. These culinary delights coexist with traditional cafes, beer bars, hamburger joints, confectioneries, and ice cream parlors. The aromas, flavors, and dishes of various cuisines tantalize passersby on the terraces, where indulging in a snack of shrimp and beer is a seaside town tradition to whet the appetite.

However, the challenge of finding parking remains a real ordeal for drivers, particularly on weekends. This year, the Town Hall has alleviated the problem by setting up an esplanade on Avenida de los Menceyes.

Opposite the array of refreshment options, a few meters from where people enjoy their lunches and dinners, the expansive promenade offers a privileged vantage point to witness the sun setting on one side of the summit and the moon emerging on the horizon. It’s a spectacle that captures the attention of many passersby, who often gather on the wooden decks overlooking the sea, capturing the moment with their mobile phones or savoring ice cream near the beaches sheltered by breakwaters, which protect swimmers from currents and, these days, from microalgae.

Parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, joggers, neighbors, visitors, and tourists populate this kilometer-long pedestrian thoroughfare, recreating the essence of Candelaria as a warm and welcoming coastal town. A similar scene unfolds in other parts of the town center.

It’s a constant ebb and flow, with stories intertwining as if tethered by invisible threads stretching from either end of this coastal strip. The vibrant area is marked by the multicolored gymnasium beneath the marquees and the aging Tenerife Tour hotel. This complex of tiered bungalows once symbolized a splendid era in the ’70s and ’80s but now bears the marks of neglect, casting a shadow over this otherwise fashionable summer promenade. It’s an open wound that brings sadness, pains the eyes, and tarnishes the charm of this season’s hotspot.

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