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The lengthiest street in the Canary Islands: a remarkable 339 doorways and nearly 1,000 shops

The street located on the island of Gran Canaria enters the national Top 10.

Spain boasts an extensive network of over 900,000 roads of varying types, according to the most recent official data available from 2016. This diverse array of roadways ensures that there’s something to cater to everyone’s needs. Interestingly, the most commonly used street name in Spain is “Iglesia,” with a total of 4,767 streets bearing this name. Moreover, “San” appears in a staggering 27,640 street names across the country. However, when it comes to ranking the longest streets in Spain, a noteworthy contender hails from the Canary Islands.

Nationally, Barcelona claims two out of the three longest streets in Spain, sparking some debate over the top spot. Nevertheless, the title of the longest street in the Canary Islands is unequivocal.


The Gran Vía de La Manga in La Manga del Mar Menor, situated in Murcia, proudly holds the title of the longest street in Spain, spanning an impressive 19 kilometres. This lengthy road extends from the entrance to La Manga all the way to the Veneziola area. Following closely is the Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, commencing in Hospitalet de Llobregat and concluding in Sant Adriá de Besos, measuring a substantial 13 kilometres. The next contender in the ranking is Calle de València, located in Barcelona, boasting 569 doorways and stretching over 10 kilometres.

The lengthiest street in the Canary Islands: a remarkable 339 doorways and nearly 1,000 shops.

Remarkably, the Canary Islands secure a place in the top ten of this ranking with the longest street on the islands, found in Gran Canaria, specifically in Vecindario. The Avenida de Canarias, extending just over three kilometres, proudly claims this position.

The Canary Islands’ longest street hosts nearly 1,000 shops and is surrounded by a rich array of amenities, including a theatre, a multiplex cinema, an Olympic swimming pool, a pavilion, and an industrial estate. Additionally, the area features more than 30 establishments, including hotels and flats, where visitors can comfortably spend the night.

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