Víctor Galván, Casa Tomás owner, discusses potato price increase: “We won’t raise prices at the moment”

Speaking on Cope Tenerife radio, Galván from Casa Tomás said that the popular Tenerife restaurant consumes "500 kilos of potatoes a week".

The current proprietor of the well-known restaurant-bodegón Casa Tomás, situated in El Portezuelo (Tegueste), revealed on Friday during the Herrera en Cope Tenerife program that the establishment, famous for its potato dishes with ribs and corn on the cob, is currently paying “more than double” for potatoes.

This Tenerife eatery consumes a substantial 500 kilograms of potatoes each week. Notably, the price of this staple has surged by 106%, reaching 4.50 euros per kilogram, according to data from Mercatenerife.

The surge in potato prices in the Canary Islands is a result of the ban on importing potatoes from England following the discovery of a red beetle infestation in their crops.

The potato shortage has impacted not only households on the islands but also restaurants like Casa Tomás. The owner acknowledged on the radio program that the restaurant is facing “a very significant problem.” Potatoes are a fundamental ingredient in their dishes and cannot easily be substituted as they accompany meat or fish.

Víctor Galván, Casa Tomás owner, discusses potato price increase: "We won't raise prices at the moment".

Despite the challenges, the owner expressed optimism, stating that, at least for the time being, “we are not going to raise prices” because suppliers have reassured them that the situation will improve in the coming weeks.

Casa Tomás’ cuisine has long been recognized by some of the most prestigious chefs in the country and has received accolades from DIARIO DE AVISOS, including Best Canarian Cuisine in the 11th edition and Best Lifetime Cuisine in the 29th edition.

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