Meet Cuauhtémoc: the impressive Mexican training ship docked in Tenerife, open for free visits

While currently in Tenerife, the Cuauhtémoc ship is scheduled to visit 18 ports in 13 different countries during its 247-day voyage.

Its imposing silhouette graces the waters of Santa Cruz de Tenerife as the Mexican Navy training ship Cuauhtémoc arrives on the island today, where it will stay until September 19th, welcoming visitors for free tours.

Known as the Knight of the Seas, the Cuauhtémoc measures 90 meters in length, 12 meters in width, boasts three masts, and proudly unfurls 23 sails. It’s during this time that spectators can witness one of its most spectacular maneuvers when some of its 112 cadets ascend several dozen meters above the deck, a cherished moment for visitors.

The Cuauhtémoc embarked on its journey from Acapulco, Mexico, on April 1st. After visiting the United States and Cuba, it set sail for Europe, making stops in France and the United Kingdom before reaching Spain (Gijón, Ibiza, La Coruña, and Cádiz) and finally arriving in Tenerife today. During its extensive 247-day voyage, the ship will dock in 18 ports across 13 different countries.

Meet Cuauhtémoc: the impressive Mexican training ship docked in Tenerife, open for free visits.

For those interested in visiting, the Cuauhtémoc will be open to the public from today until Tuesday, September 19th, between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the ship’s interior until 8:00 PM.

Throughout their extensive journey, the 112 fourth-year cadets from the Heroic Military Naval School of Mexico will apply the knowledge they’ve acquired during their studies. This magnificent sailing ship, conceived by Naval Engineer Juan José Alonso Verástegui and constructed at the Astilleros y Talleres de Celaya in Bilbao in 1982, has graced the seas and oceans of the world since its creation and is now on display in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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