La Palma to see the return of direct flights to Frankfurt by Condor

The La Palma to Frankfurt flight will be available from May to October, operating on a weekly basis.

The Island Council of La Palma announced yesterday that the island will reintroduce a direct flight to the German city of Frankfurt next summer, operated by Condor. According to Raquel Rebollo, the island’s Councillor for Tourism, this route is of great significance as the German market brings the highest number of visitors to the island.

She emphasized that this is just the first step in resuming other connections, with the aim of returning to pre-pandemic figures. Rebollo acknowledged the challenges the tourism sector faced, particularly after the volcanic eruption in 2021, and mentioned that air route issues had been ongoing for some time.

Rebollo expressed gratitude for Condor’s commitment to the destination, highlighting that it reflects La Palma’s unique appeal and growing confidence in the island’s safety, despite specific geographical circumstances.

La Palma to see the return of direct flights to Frankfurt by Condor.

Furthermore, she stressed that La Palma aims to become a year-round destination, breaking away from being limited to the winter season. Meetings with various airlines and tour operators continue to ensure a strong summer season. According to the flight schedule, Condor will operate flights from La Palma to Düsseldorf and Munich once a week, starting from May 1, 2024, until October 23.

The suspension of this flight was initially announced in October the previous year and came into effect in mid-January. At that time, the airline cited low passenger occupancy due to the pandemic and the volcano eruption as reasons for the suspension. However, signs of recovery have prompted the reversal of this decision, as the island’s Minister of Tourism explained.

The German market has traditionally played a crucial role during the winter season, filling hotel rooms when domestic tourism is typically lower.

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