The definitive Canary Islands food survey: 67% agree on the most typical dish

In a unanimous agreement, Canary Islands residents identify the archipelago's most typical food.

When it comes to gastronomy, opinions on the most typical food of the Canary Islands can vary widely due to its rich culinary traditions. With the emergence of talented chefs and a culinary identity unique to the region, reaching a consensus can be challenging. However, the Centre for Social Research (CIS) has shed light on this matter.

Whether it’s gofio, papas arrugadas con mojo, or conejo en salmorejo, each of us may have our personal favorite among the Canary Islands’ typical dishes. Nevertheless, the CIS conducted a nationwide survey across Spain to determine the most emblematic dish of each autonomous community, and their findings are quite definitive.

In the survey, only 0.7% of respondents chose chuletón as the most typical dish of the Canary Islands, which was a surprising result. The second least popular option was simply “fish,” with a meager 1.5% support.

Canary Islands’ unrivaled typical food: “papas arrugadas” con mojo sauce

The definitive Canary Islands food survey: 67% agree on the most typical dish.

In the survey, only 0.7% responded that the chuletón was the most typical dish of the Islands, a surprising response. The second least voted option was fish, in general, with 1.5%.

On the podium of the most typical Canary Islands foods, Canarian stew (potaje canario) secured third place with 2.9% of the votes, while “sancocho” claimed second place with 7.4%. However, the undisputed champion, with an overwhelming 67.3% of the votes, is “papas arrugadas” with mojo sauce. This dish is considered by Canary Islanders to be the epitome of their cuisine and is highly recommended for anyone visiting the Islands or participating in local celebrations.

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