Access roads to Mount Teide reopen: here are the restrictions to keep in mind

There are several sections of the road to the Teide National Park that will continue to have restrictions

The Island Council of Tenerife has announced the reopening of access roads to the Teide National Park from La Esperanza (TF-24) and La Orotova (TF-21), as well as Subida de Los Loros (TF-523), which had been closed since a forest fire in mid-August. Restrictions have been put in place on the affected sections towards Teide to ensure safety, including no stopping or parking, a speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour, and restrictions on certain vehicles like two-wheelers and those longer than twelve meters.

Sections of the Teide access roads affected by the restrictions include TF-24 (La Esperanza) between Cruce de Machado (La Esperanza Preventorio) and Izaña, as well as TF-21 (La Orotava) from the access to La Caldera to El Portillo Bajo.

Although efforts have been made to clean and signpost the Teide roads, the installation of bollards and crash barriers has not been possible yet. These restrictions are expected to be lifted by the end of December once the necessary safety measures are in place.

Access roads to Mount Teide reopen: here are the restrictions to keep in mind.

The Island Council expressed gratitude to the Guardia Civil and the Provincial Traffic Department for their collaboration. Additionally, two companies have been contracted for emergency work to eliminate risks caused by the fire’s impact on road protection.

Apart from road restrictions, there is still a ban on driving in the fire-affected areas of several municipalities. Outdoor fires, including bonfires and barbecues, are prohibited in the Corona Forestal Natural Park of the affected municipalities. The use of machinery and tools is permitted with caution, as well as hunting.

Several recreational and camping areas in various municipalities remain closed, including Chanajiga (Los Realejos), Hoya del Abade (La Victoria), La Caldera (La Orotava), La Laguneta Chica (Santa Úrsula), Las Calderetas (El Sauzal), Las Raíces (El Rosario), Lomo La Jara (Tacoronte), Los Frailes (Arafo), and Ramón El Caminero (La Orotava).

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