“Afterworks” return to the Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey with fresh gastronomic and musical offerings

The renowned Iberostar hotel reintroduces its weekly Mencey Lounge Nights, featuring diverse culinary experiences and live music, aimed at revitalizing professional connections.

After the summer break, the “afterworks” are back on the weekly agenda of Santa Cruz de Tenerife as a way of strengthening relationships and generating new professional opportunities. This initiative resumed on Thursday, September 28th, at one of Tenerife’s most iconic social gathering places, the Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey hotel.

Every Thursday until December (excluding holidays), from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM, the Mencey Lounge Nights will take place in the hotel’s main garden and on the Bar Iballa terrace. They will welcome members from various professional spheres in Santa Cruz, providing a relaxed atmosphere complemented by the hotel’s gastronomic and musical offerings.

Returning to work often requires moments of relaxation to process the emotions of the workweek and reconnect with colleagues and friends. The Heritage Grand Mencey leverages its iconic gardens and extensive event experience to provide the ideal setting for personal and professional reconciliation.

The Iberostar Grand Mencey, the leading hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, hosts the most important events in the centre of the city.

Just as it did from February to the summer, every Thursday will be an opportunity to explore the gastronomy of a different part of the world, traversing flavors from all five continents. Specially crafted cocktails tailored to each cuisine will be available, all accompanied by DJ sessions and live music.

These afterwork events offer a more relaxed way to interact with colleagues, engage in networking, and create opportunities. Additionally, it all takes place in a historic venue: the Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey hotel, a site of cultural significance that reflects Iberostar’s commitment to responsible tourism. Its attention to detail and flavor can be experienced in its lounges, gardens, and seasonal menus, all based on local produce. All of this is designed to facilitate what truly matters: building personal relationships.

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