The beaches of El Médano are once again open for swimming

The results of the counter-analysis indicated that the water quality is suitable for bathing at two affected beaches of El Medano.

On Thursday, September 28th, the Town Hall took the decision to reopen both El Médano beach (central beach) and Leocadio Machado beach after conducting counter-analyses that indicated the water quality was suitable for bathing. These counter-analyses revealed that the levels of enterococci, a bacteria used as an indicator of water quality, were below the permitted limits at both beach locations.

The Town Hall explained that only these two bathing areas had temporarily exceeded the permissible levels, leading to the temporary ban on swimming and the raising of the red flag the day before. This precautionary measure was implemented to ensure the safety of beachgoers while awaiting the results of the water samples taken on Wednesday. The subsequent confirmation of good water quality prompted the reopening of the beaches.

The beaches of El Médano are once again open for swimming.

It’s worth noting that Granadilla de Abona is among the few municipalities in the Canary Islands that conducts water quality analyses twice a week, encompassing a total of 10 beaches. This rigorous monitoring approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the water quality along the coastline. The monitored beaches include Cuevas del Trigo, Ensenada Pelada, La Jaquita, El Cabezo, Playa Chica, the central beach of El Médano, Leocadio Machado, La Tejita, El Chinchorro, and Playa Grande de Los Abrigos.

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