Tenerife North Airport opens new lounge areas

Tenerife Norte Airport has introduced brand-new lounge areas in the inter-island flight boarding area, positioned on both sides after passengers clear the security checkpoint.

Tenerife North – La Laguna Airport has recently introduced two new lounge areas situated within the inter-island flight boarding zone. These lounges are conveniently located on both sides of the area, immediately following the security checkpoint.

Each of these newly established lounge areas covers an extensive space of nearly 70 square meters. They have been thoughtfully designed to provide a diverse range of seating options and tables, creating cozy corners with distinct formal and casual atmospheres, depending on the choice of furniture.

The seating options include designer armchairs with accompanying footrests, timeless Chesterfield sofas, and the playful Link seating, designed in the form of interconnected links. Additionally, there are six totems equipped with mobile device charging stations, featuring a total of eight fast-charging USB outlets and two power sockets each. Furthermore, a designated area is available for book exchanges.

Tenerife Norte airport opens new lounge areas.

The primary objective behind these additions, as highlighted by AENA, is to enhance the overall passenger experience during their time at the airport, offering a more pleasant and comfortable environment for those awaiting their departing flights. These lounge areas collectively have a seating capacity for up to 35 people.

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