Los Cristianos in Tenerife prepares for a momentous transformation

The Island Council of Tenerife has announced the start of work on the project in Los Cristianos.

Los Cristianos is on the verge of a historic transformation that has been eagerly awaited by both locals and tourists alike. The Island Council of Tenerife has just announced the contract award for the development of the Los Cristianos public transport interchanger, coupled with the undergrounding plan for Avenida de Chayofita. This ambitious project comes with a substantial investment of nearly five hundred thousand euros.

Eulalia García, the Councillor for Mobility, emphasized the significance of these two initiatives, recognizing their substantial contribution to enhancing mobility in an area known for its heavy traffic.

This particular area serves as a critical hub for vehicular traffic, as it handles both the influx of traffic from the port and the considerable movement associated with its status as a renowned tourist destination. The long-awaited Los Cristianos interchanger represents a response to the needs of the local community, and it is anticipated to facilitate an effective reorganization of this urban zone.

Los Cristianos in Tenerife prepares for a momentous transformation.

The Island Council of Tenerife remains steadfast in its commitment to executing strategic projects related to road infrastructure and bolstering public transport. These endeavors are all part of a broader mission to optimize mobility across the entire island.

A recent example of this commitment is the public exhibition of the project designed to establish direct lanes to the Polígono del Valle de Güímar, backed by a budget of 2.2 million euros. This undertaking involves alterations to existing access roads and the creation of two new direct connections to the industrial estate.

The aim is to streamline access and enhance traffic flow within this vital economic zone on the island. These investments represent a dedicated effort to promote sustainable development and greater convenience for the residents and visitors of Tenerife.

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