La Laguna’s finest: the top three award-winning tapas

The town of La Laguna served 195,000 tapas on its culinary route, for a total value of 780,000 euros.

The La Laguna City Council recently bestowed awards for the 2023 edition of the Ruta de la Tapa de San Benito Abad. This eagerly anticipated gastronomic event was organized in partnership with the Commerce Department and the La Laguna Zona Comercial trade association, with support from the Federation of Urban Areas of the Canary Islands (FAUCA). The ceremony, held at the local council, celebrated the outstanding restaurants that participated in the event.

Mayor Luis Yeray Gutiérrez presided over the award presentation and noted that this year’s Ruta de la Tapa attracted a remarkable 41 establishments, solidifying its status as one of the municipality’s most eagerly awaited culinary events.

Councillor Leticia Villegas, responsible for the area, highlighted the exponential growth in participation during this fifteenth edition. An impressive 4,083 people cast their votes for the best tapas using a specially developed app. Compared to the previous edition, nearly 195,000 tapas were sold, each priced at four euros, resulting in a total revenue of approximately 780,000 euros. These proceeds provided essential economic support to businesses in the municipality throughout the month of July.


La Laguna's finest: the top three award-winning tapas.

The Ruta de la Tapa por San Benito Abad once again provided taverns, restaurants, and cafés in La Laguna with a platform to blend the rich traditions of Canarian gastronomy with innovation and creativity. Set against the backdrop of the municipality’s historic surroundings, this event allowed establishments to showcase their culinary creations to locals, visitors, and tourists alike.

Abbas Moujir, President of FAUCA, emphasized the broad institutional support that the Ruta de la Tapa por La Laguna San Benito Abad 2023 received. It has become a model of best practices and an activity that can be replicated in other regions of Macaronesia.

Iván Pérez from the La Laguna Zona Comercial (LLZC) underscored the successful collaboration between FAUCA, the Municipality, and the Business Association, which has helped transform La Laguna into a prominent hub for gastronomy and commerce in the Canary Islands. The Ruta de la Tapa plays a crucial role in this endeavor and has become one of the most eagerly anticipated leisure events for both residents and visitors. This highlights the significance of the La Laguna Open Trade Zone as a cultural and business focal point in the region.

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