Initiation of Tenerife motorway traffic alleviation plan

The Tenerife island government guarantees a resolution to the motorway traffic congestion issue before 2028.

The Tenerife Island Council, in partnership with the University of La Laguna (ULL), is set to introduce two shuttle bus services starting on October 23. These buses will operate from Icod (line 608) and Puerto de la Cruz (line 603) directly, bypassing the La Laguna motorway interchange. The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance traffic flow and alleviate congestion on the island.

Rosa Dávila, the President of the Cabildo, announced this measure while highlighting her commitment to addressing the island’s traffic issues within a 90-day timeframe. Alongside the introduction of shuttle buses, 75 new drivers have been hired, with 25 of them commencing their service this month.

Furthermore, nine routes will receive reinforcement, including routes 108 (Los Realejos-Santa Cruz), route Icod-Santa Cruz (108), route 100 (Puerto de la Cruz-Santa Cruz), route 473 (Los Cristianos-Los Gigantes), and route 470 (Médano-Los Cristianos).


Initiation of Tenerife motorway traffic alleviation plan.

As part of a comprehensive plan to enhance mobility on the island and boost its economic competitiveness, additional measures include the implementation of a free towing service during peak hours and in high-traffic areas to expedite vehicle removal in congestion situations.

President Dávila emphasized that the resolution to the traffic problems will not wait until 2028, as previously projected, and that the administration is actively working to address the issue.

Furthermore, traffic management at the Padre Anchieta roundabout will involve traffic lights until a pedestrian bridge is installed. In approximately two weeks, access to the TF-5 motorway via Guamasa will be temporarily closed from 06:00 to 10:00, with traffic rerouted to the airport road towards Santa Cruz.

Additional measures include the introduction of an extra tram on Line 1 during peak hours, the acquisition of 247 new buses, interest payment reductions, and collaboration with the University of Lleida to promote car-sharing apps.

These mobility-improvement measures in Tenerife aim not only to enhance transportation conditions on the island but also to address climate change and promote economic vitality. Furthermore, the importance of maintaining focus while driving, avoiding distractions behind the wheel, and ensuring road safety were emphasized.

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