Canary Islands shine with 36 prize-winning wines at the 2023 World Awards

Wines from the Canary Islands participated in this international winemaking competition dedicated exclusively to products from mountainous regions or heroic vineyards.

Canarian wines have emerged triumphant at the Mondial des Vins Extrêmes 2023, an esteemed competition organized by CERVIM (Centre for Research, Studies, Protection, Coordination, and Valorization of Mountain Viticulture). In total, 36 awards were bestowed upon these outstanding wines, comprising 9 Grand Gold Medals, 23 Gold Medals, and 4 special distinctions.

This prestigious international oenological event is exclusively dedicated to products originating from mountainous regions or heroic vineyards, characterized by cultivation on terraces or land with a slope exceeding 30%, altitudes of more than 500 meters above sea level, or from small islands.

Narvay Quintero, the Canary Island Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Food Sovereignty, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the Canary Island wine producers for their remarkable achievements. He emphasized the significance of these awards, recognizing them as a testament to the excellence of Canary Island wines and the dedication of the local winegrowers. These accolades serve as evidence of the exceptional quality of wines produced under the demanding conditions of “Heroic Viticulture.”

Canary Islands shine with 36 prize-winning wines at the 2023 World Awards.

The wines that received Great Gold Medals include Flor de Chasna naturally sweet (2021) from the Sociedad Cooperativa Cumbres de Abona and Los Quemados Tinto (2021) from Bodega Reverón, both from the Abona PDO. Other distinguished Great Gold Medal wines include Magma de Cráter red (2019) from Bodegas Cráter, Hambre de Tierras (2021) from Bodegas Guayonje, Marba Tinto barrica (2022) from Bodega Marba, Rojo Carmín (2021) from Linaje del Pago, and Viña Norte Selección Sostenible (2022) from Bodegas Insulares de Tenerife, all hailing from the Tacoronte Acentejo PDO. Additionally, Ariana (2021) from Bodega El Grifo (PDO Lanzarote) and La Montaña 2022 from Viñedos y Bodega Altos de Chipude (PDO La Gomera) were among the recipients of Great Gold Medals.

Gold Medals were awarded to several outstanding wines from different Canary Island regions. These accolades underline the strength and prominence of the Canary Islands in the realm of fine winemaking, solidifying their reputation as a burgeoning star in the global wine industry.

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