Discover the top 10 golden sand beaches in Tenerife south

The contrast between the sand of the beaches of southern Tenerife and those in the north exemplifies the remarkable diversity of landscapes found in the archipelago.

In the enchanting island of Tenerife, the contrast between the beaches in the south and those in the north offers a striking example of the diverse landscapes found in this Canary archipelago.

While the northern beaches boast darker tones with black volcanic sand and rocky elements, their southern counterparts stand out with their shimmering golden sands, some with hints of grey or light brown, lending them an undeniably paradisiacal ambiance.

It’s worth noting that in 2023 the Canary Islands proudly showcased a total of 60 beaches and 4 marinas that received the prestigious Blue Flag status, signifying their commitment to environmental excellence. In Tenerife alone, 12 beaches proudly bear this eco-friendly distinction, including renowned spots like Camisón and Duque beaches.

Golden sand beaches in the south of Tenerife

1. El Médano Beach

Discover the Top 10 Golden Sand Beaches in Tenerife South.

Located on the southern coast of Tenerife, El Médano Beach is renowned for its vibrant water sports scene. It’s an ideal destination for enthusiasts of surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing, thanks to the favorable weather conditions in the area. But even if you’re not a watersport enthusiast, El Médano’s picturesque promenade offers a perfect setting to savor the coastal beauty. The beach is also home to a diverse array of establishments, from charming brunch spots to international cuisine eateries, including Mexican and Lebanese delights.

2. Abama Beach

Nestled in Guía de Isora, Abama Beach captivates with its characteristic golden sands. This petite beach, measuring 100 meters in length, is a haven for witnessing mesmerizing sunsets, with the silhouette of La Gomera gracing the horizon. Abama Beach is known for its tranquil and inviting waters, thanks to a breakwater that creates a serene bathing environment. Adjacent to the beach is the luxurious Abama Hotel, offering a convenient parking area. Access to the sandy shores involves navigating past the hotel’s side and descending stairs or a stretch of road, as the funicular is reserved for resort guests.

3. Diego Hernández Beach

Affectionately known as the “hippies’ beach” or “caleta de los hippies,” Diego Hernández Beach boasts a pristine cove adorned with golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and panoramic vistas of La Gomera. This secluded gem is perfect for those seeking tranquility, best experienced during low tide when ample sandy areas are available for sunbathing. Being a natural, undeveloped beach, you won’t find amenities like sunbeds or umbrellas here, making it a haven for naturists and nature lovers.

4. Camisón Beach

Located in Arona, inthe south of Tenerife, Camisón Beach is a family-friendly destination with calm waters, making it an excellent choice for swimming, especially for children. The presence of numerous nearby hotels makes this area a popular hub for tourists. Camisón Beach offers essential amenities such as wheelchair access, showers, and the option to rent sun loungers and parasols. Its 350 meters of golden sand have earned it the coveted Blue Flag status, a testament to the pristine quality of Tenerife’s beaches.

5. La Tejita Beach

Situated in El Médano, Granadilla de Abona, La Tejita Beach is characterized by the imposing presence of Montaña Roja, a volcanic cone. This one-kilometer-long and 30-meter-wide beach is designated as a protected natural area, making it one of the island’s most stunning and nature-immersed spots. Nudism is allowed throughout the beach, with one end being particularly popular among naturists. La Tejita is a top choice for water sports enthusiasts, including surfers, bodyboarders, and windsurfers, thanks to the consistent wind and swell conditions. It’s also the venue for the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) World Windsurfing Championships.

6. Fañabé Beach

Fañabé Beach, located in Adeje, is a beloved destination among both Canarian residents and tourists. Stretching approximately 600 meters, this beach’s length and prime location make it a hub for beachgoers. Fañabé Beach is known for its clear waters and vibrant atmosphere, attracting visitors with its delightful ambiance. Essential services like sunbeds, toilets, and showers enhance visitors’ comfort, while the beach’s favorable conditions also make it a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts.

7. Torviscas Beach

Adjacent to Fañabé Beach, Torviscas Beach offers a serene and tranquil escape. Spanning nearly 300 meters, this beach is favored for its calm waters and minimal swell, creating an ideal setting for relaxation and enjoying Tenerife’s excellent climate. Nearby parking is available, though it can be limited during the summer months when crowds swell. Torviscas Beach provides essential amenities like sun lounger rentals, as well as facilities such as footbaths, toilets, and restaurants.

8. Del Duque Beach

Nestled in Costa Adeje, Del Duque Beach beckons with its grayish sands and tranquil waters, offering a peaceful retreat for beach lovers. This Blue Flag beach is located in one of Tenerife’s most prominent tourist areas, boasting a delightful ambiance and easy access to various dining establishments. Del Duque Beach is equipped with sun loungers, parasols, parking, changing rooms, and toilets, making it an excellent choice for families and beach enthusiasts. Nearby, a shopping center awaits fashion enthusiasts with a diverse selection of renowned brand outlets.

9. La Pinta Beach

La Pinta Beach, characterized by its clear waters and golden sands, is nestled in Costa Adeje, next to the bustling Puerto Colón marina. This beach exudes a sense of seclusion, thanks to strategically placed breakwaters that create a serene bathing environment. With gentle waves and a peaceful atmosphere, La Pinta Beach is perfect for families with young children. As with many southern Tenerife beaches, it offers a range of water sports for visitors to enjoy.

10. Las Vistas Beach

Located in the bustling tourist area of Los Cristianos, Las Vistas Beach is a cherished destination for both residents and visitors. Its popularity leads to high occupancy levels year-round. Recognized as an “Accessible Beach,” Las Vistas features amenities such as ramps and access walkways for wheelchair users. Lifeguards ensure safety for beachgoers, particularly families with children. Visitors can avail of showers, toilets, and the option to rent sunbeds, while the expansive golden sands provide ample space for relaxation. The beachfront promenade connects Las Vistas with El Camisón and Los Cristianos beaches, offering an enjoyable coastal stroll.

These ten remarkable beaches in southern Tenerife showcase the island’s natural beauty and provide diverse experiences for visitors. Whether you seek thrilling water sports, tranquil sunsets, or family-friendly atmospheres, Tenerife’s southern shores have something for everyone to enjoy.

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