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Public holiday on October 12th: what will be accessible in Tenerife?

Since 12th October is a "non-substitutable" national public holiday, numerous services in Tenerife will experience schedule modifications.

The National Day of Spain, celebrated on the 12th of October, holds significant importance as a national public holiday. On this day, many establishments in Tenerife typically adjust their regular schedules due to the bank holiday status. However, it’s essential to know what remains accessible on this day.

October 12th is considered a “non-substitutable” public holiday, meaning it cannot be altered by the autonomous communities, which have the flexibility to adjust their non-teaching days according to their specific calendars.

According to the Order of 27 June 2011 from the Ministry of Employment, Industry, and Trade of the Canary Islands Government, commercial establishments within Zonas de Gran Afluencia Turística (Areas of Great Tourist Influence) have the freedom to determine their opening days and hours.

For the restaurant sector, terraces’ closing times may be extended by one hour compared to the rest of the municipal territory, both during the winter and summer periods.

So, what can you expect to find open in Tenerife on 12 October?

Public holiday on October 12th: what will be accessible in Tenerife?

Duty pharmacies: Pharmacies on duty, as well as those advertised as open 365 days a year, will be available. You can check the complete list by municipality for specific locations.

Bakeries: Various bakeries, including popular franchises like El Horno de Pan and El Rincón del Pan, will reopen their doors. Small bread and pastry shops will also be in operation.

24-hour shops: These small supermarkets, which often remain open during regular holidays, will typically operate during their usual hours.

Bars and cafés: The decision to open or remain closed on this public holiday lies with the individual establishments. Some may choose to open, especially as the number of restaurants increases on holidays.

Petrol stations: Similar to pharmacies, not all petrol stations will be open, but many will provide services on a day when few other shops are operational. It’s advisable to check which ones are serving the public on 12 October.

Shopping centres: In areas considered Zonas de Gran Afluencia Turística (Areas of Great Tourist Influence), shopping centres may open their doors. Examples include Siam Mall and Rosa Center in the south of the island, or Martiánez Shopping Centre in Puerto de la Cruz.

Supermarkets: Certain supermarkets, particularly in tourist areas, may open on this day. However, some chains like Mercadona and Lidl have announced their closure on 12 October. For the most up-to-date information, check their respective websites, as not all shops within a shopping centre may open.

In all cases, it’s advisable to verify opening hours, as even if a shopping centre is open, not all of its shops may be operational on Spanish National Day.

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