Canary Islands boast the best goat’s cheese in Spain

The Canary Islands scoop the award in a newly-created category.

Grupo Ganaderos Fuerteventura’s Queso Majorero, Canary Islands, has achieved recognition from the Ministry of Agriculture as the finest mature goat’s cheese, adding another prestigious accolade to its growing list of honours.

At the XXXV edition of the Food of Spain Awards 2023, Maxorata Cheese, bearing the Denomination of Origin Majorero Cheese, received the highest accolade in the category of best mature goat cheese.

The Maxorata Cheese has been elevated to a newly established category, underscoring the exceptional quality of Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura’s product. The competition’s judging panel acknowledged several factors, including the cheese’s artisanal production, supported by cutting-edge technology, and its significant social role in nurturing and advancing the islands’ livestock sector.

Canary Islands boast the best goat's cheese in Spain.

But how is this exceptional cheese made? The cheese is crafted exclusively from the milk of Majorero goats, native to Fuerteventura, and is renowned for its exceptional qualities and adaptability to the arid environment. The milk boasts high protein and fat content, resulting in a deliciously slightly sweet flavor and remarkable creaminess.

The distinguished cheese earned this recognition by passing a comprehensive evaluation process with the highest grades, conducted by the Santander Food and Agriculture Arbitration Laboratory.

Additionally, the brand’s commitment to sustainability in all aspects of its business was noted. They actively support the preservation of the primary sector on the islands, ensuring favorable conditions for livestock farmers and contributing to the continual enhancement of the herds.

According to the cheese group, their company and brands have garnered over 100 awards throughout their history, solidifying their reputation for excellence.

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