Garachico in Tenerife, the eighth most beautiful village in Spain

'The Telegraph,' a well-respected British newspaper, carries out an annual ranking that holds considerable sway over English travelers, and this year it bestowed high praise upon Garachico in Tenerife.

The renowned British daily newspaper, The Telegraph, with a readership spanning the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries, and a global digital edition, has recently ranked Garachico, Tenerife, as the eighth most beautiful village in Spain. This annual classification is a tradition for the newspaper and carries substantial significance, particularly in the tourism sector, given the strong interest of English travelers in such rankings when planning their holidays.

Garachico, known as the Villa and Port of the North of Tenerife, stands out for its pristine cleanliness, picturesque Caletón, charming cobbled streets, historical significance as the former capital of the Island, and its tragic history related to the volcanic eruption that partially buried the town.

According to The Telegraph, the title of the most beautiful village in Spain went to Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), followed by Cadaqués (Gerona), Tarifa (Cádiz), Sitges (Barcelona), Estepona (Málaga), Llanes (Asturias), and Altea (Alicante), with Garachico securing the eighth spot.

Garachico in Tenerife, the eighth most beautiful village in Spain.
El Caletón, made up of a group of natural pools, is one of the most beautiful and most visited spots in the municipality of Garachico. DA

The list compiled by this jury showcases their discerning taste, as all the mentioned localities are distinguished by their remarkable beauty, each with its unique characteristics. In Garachico’s case, its gastronomy, centered around seafood, is a standout feature. It’s the only place where you can savor delicacies like limpets, burgados, freshly caught old fish, and various marine treats. Consequently, thousands of tourists flock to Garachico every year.

Garachico also encompasses a part of the Teide National Park, with a special focus on the Chinyero area, one of the volcanoes that, while causing significant destruction, also left behind breathtaking landscapes. As per the latest census, the town boasts no more than 5,000 inhabitants, and its scrubland and woodland areas are equally enchanting.

This recognition is not the first time Garachico has been singled out as a destination worth visiting. The village has received several accolades from national institutions and the tourism industry. Its mention in The Telegraph bestows upon its beauty international acclaim.

Garachico, a member of The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain for heritage preservation

In 2021, Garachico became a member of the Association of The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain, an organization established in 2011 to promote, disseminate, and preserve the cultural, natural, and rural heritage of municipalities characterized by lower levels of industrialization and population. It was the first village in Tenerife to earn this distinction after successfully passing a rigorous audit encompassing over 40 criteria, including building facade conservation, cleanliness, green area upkeep, a diverse cultural program, traffic management, parking facilities, and respect for traditions.

Furthermore, the municipality has been honored with the Gold Medal of Fine Arts for its rich artistic treasures. The House of the Counts of La Gomera, the historic church of San Pedro de Daute—the first in the region—the hermitage of San Roque, the church of Santa Ana, the convent of San Francisco, and the hermitage of Los Reyes, a hidden gem, are just a few examples of Garachico’s cultural heritage.

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