The top 3 restaurants preferred by Glovo clients in Tenerife

When it comes to food available for delivery via Glovo, the residents of Tenerife have three clear favorites.

Many users in Tenerife rely on Glovo to order a variety of products from different establishments. After the delivery is completed, the app prompts customers to rate both the delivery service and the establishment itself.

When it comes to food available for delivery, residents in the metropolitan area of Tenerife have made their preferences clear by providing ratings. The top three most popular restaurants on the island, according to these ratings, are La Garriga, Cafetería Alazán, and Terraza Parque-Desayunos & Snacks.

The top 3 restaurants preferred by Glovo users in Tenerife.

La Garriga: The legendary Bar Charcutería La Garriga, located in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is famous for its delicious tortilla sandwiches. On Glovo, this establishment has received over 500 reviews, with an impressive 98% of them being positive.

Cafetería Alazán: Situated on Calle Juan Pablo II in the capital of Tenerife, Cafetería Alazán is known for its Serrano ham sandwiches, mixed sandwiches, and American beef hamburgers. Currently, Cafetería Alazán boasts a perfect rating, with all 43 users who have rated its services giving it a score of 100%.

Terraza Parque-Desayunos & Snacks: Nestled in the heart of the city within García Sanabria Park, Terraza Parque is renowned for its gourmet chicken sandwiches and a selection of refreshing juices, particularly the orange juice and house juice. Users have awarded it an excellent rating of 99%.

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