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A Canary Island city among the top 15 Christmas destinations

During the festive Christmas season, the Canary Islands become a magnet for visitors from across the globe.

The Canary Islands, renowned for their subtropical climate and natural beauty, have earned a top spot on the list of recommended destinations for the Christmas season. Elle Decor, a prominent lifestyle and travel magazine, recently featured a Canary Island city among its top 15 destinations promising an unforgettable Christmas experience.

The Canary Islands have long been enticing tourists and travelers with their year-round warm weather, breathtaking beaches, and rich cultural heritage. During the Christmas season, these enchantments are further accentuated by unique festivities and traditions that draw visitors from around the globe.

A Canary Island city among the top 15 Christmas destinations.


Gran Canaria, one of the islands, received the magazine’s recommendation. The article particularly praised the islands’ consistently pleasant weather, stating, “Enjoying the beach before eating grapes and slipping back into sandals on Christmas Eve” encapsulates the experience.

The island was also commended for its festive atmosphere, vibrant decorations, and a wide array of activities. “Gran Canaria offers an extensive program of celebrations, featuring Christmas illuminations, nativity scene competitions, and more.”

One remarkable tradition on the island is the renowned Belén de Arena de Las Canteras, an ephemeral work of art that captivates both locals and tourists alike. This monumental nativity scene, intricately sculpted entirely from sand on the iconic Las Canteras beach, presents a stunning representation of the nativity, adding a special and unique touch to the Christmas festivities on the island.

The inclusion of this city in Elle Decor’s list underscores the rising popularity of the islands as a holiday destination during the Christmas season, offering travelers a distinctive and appealing alternative to celebrate this special time of year.

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