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The secret gem in Tenerife that captivates instantly: “pure Canarian charm at 100%”

It's a delightful fishermen's district located along the coastline of La Matanza de Acentejo, Tenerife.

The northern region of Tenerife boasts an array of breathtaking locations that capture your heart at first sight. One such hidden gem nestled along the coast of La Matanza de Acentejo is El Caletón, a quaint fishermen’s enclave inhabited by approximately a hundred residents. One of its primary draws is the small cove that opens directly onto the Atlantic Ocean, tempting visitors with its crystal-clear waters, making it impossible to resist a refreshing swim on sunny days.

Instagram user Woman_3.0 recently ventured to this picturesque spot and shared a video that beautifully showcases all the splendors of El Caletón. From its narrow staircases to the towering cliffs that provide shelter, not to mention the stunning volcanic landscape, it truly embodies the essence of “100% Canarian” charm.


If you happen to be in the metropolitan area of Tenerife and wish to reach El Caletón, you’ll need to drive along the Tenerife North Motorway (TF-5) heading toward Puerto de la Cruz. Take exit 23 towards the TF-217, which leads to La Matanza de Acentejo. Simply follow the road signs to El Caletón until you arrive at your destination. The journey typically takes around half an hour, but brace yourself for a winding road with plenty of curves.

The secret gem in Tenerife that captivates instantly: "pure Canarian charm at 100%".

Traveling by bus is a bit more intricate, mainly because it involves a roughly one-hour walk to reach El Caletón. If you’re up for the challenge, board bus number 102 and disembark at the La Matanza crossroads.


Situated on the slopes of the Costa de Acentejo Protected Landscape, the El Jagre Trail also leads to El Caletón. This 780-meter-long trail once served as a vital link between the coastline and populated areas, facilitating the movement of fishermen, farmers, gangocheras, and even emigrants and smugglers, who sought discretion in the natural refuge offered by La Negra, as stated by the Town Hall of La Matanza de Acentejo on its website.

In 1987, it earned recognition as a natural space of national interest, and in 1994, it was designated a Protected Natural Space. Along its route, visitors can marvel at the distinctive vegetation characteristic of the region, featuring remarkable specimens of cacti that are unique to the island.

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