Santiago del Teide partially reopens Los Guíos beach in Los Gigantes

The town of Santiago del Teide has recently reopened a section of the coastline in the heart of Los Gigantes that had been temporarily closed during construction on Las Adelfas street.

The Town Council of Santiago del Teide has initiated a partial reopening of Los Guíos beach, situated within the tourist area of Los Gigantes. This reopening follows a temporary closure to the public due to ongoing improvement and renovation works on Calle Las Adelfas, aimed at ensuring the safety of residents and visitors.

The reopening of Los Guíos beach occurred last Friday, as confirmed in an official statement by the municipal authority regarding the progress of the construction works and the status of the beach area.

It’s important to note that this reopening is being carried out in phases, in accordance with the favorable evaluation provided by the project management overseeing the construction efforts. Initially, the beach will be accessible from 9 AM to 5 PM. As the construction work advances, additional partial openings of the beach will be implemented.

The ongoing construction work encompasses various elements, including the construction of an elevated viewpoint positioned approximately 2 meters above the cliff’s slope at Los Guíos beach. This viewpoint will also extend outward, providing a platform for relaxation and offering a panoramic view of the impressive cliffs.

Santiago del Teide partially reopens Los Guíos beach in Los Gigantes.

Mayor Emilio Navarro and Tourism Councillor Luz Goretti Gorrín were present at the reopening event.

The decision to temporarily close the beach was made in August, with construction work commencing on September 4th. At that time, the Santiago del Teide Town Hall emphasized its commitment to prioritizing the safety of both local residents and beachgoers. The closure was deemed necessary due to past instances of landslides. Mayor Emilio Navarro expressed the importance of ensuring safety and urged cooperation from the public, emphasizing the anticipation of enjoying the new viewpoint and the breathtaking views it will offer once completed.

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