When and how to watch the aerial acrobatic parachute show in Tenerife

On the oscasion of the aerial acrobatic show, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council encourages the use of public transport, which will receive additional reinforcement on that day.

The Eagle and Acrobatic Parachute patrols of the Air and Space Army are set to perform an aerial display on Las Teresitas beach in the capital of Tenerife this coming Sunday, as announced by the Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez. This marks the first time this spectacular show will take place in the city.

Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez encouraged citizens to utilize public transportation to reach the San Andrés neighborhood, expressing confidence that people from across the island will travel to Las Teresitas beach to witness the event. The City Council will take special measures to coordinate security and traffic arrangements for the occasion, with a significant reinforcement of the 910 bus line.

The aerial exhibition is scheduled to begin at 12 noon on Sunday, with a similar display planned for Thursday at the same time. Additionally, on Friday and Saturday, the Air Force will set up an F-18 simulator in Plaza de La Candelaria, open from 10 am to 8 pm.

First Deputy Mayor Carlos Tarife highlighted the participation of this team in the recent military parade on Armed Forces Day and emphasized the recommendation to use public transportation.

When and how to watch the acrobatic parachute display in Tenerife

General Francisco Javier Vidal Fernández, Chief of the Canary Islands Air Command, outlined the activities and events planned from Thursday, noting that approximately 2,000 members of the Air Force are stationed on the islands. He emphasized that the primary mission of the Air and Space Army in the Canary Islands is to monitor and control the airspace of the archipelago.

Captain José Luis Lomas Albadalejo, head of the Parachute Acrobatic Patrol of the Spanish Air Force, explained that six jumpers will participate on Sunday, making two passes from an aircraft of the 37th Wing, based in Valladolid. The first pass will involve four jumpers, with one using a fast parachute and another carrying an Air and Space Army flag, while the other two jumpers will follow, one of them displaying a Canary Islands flag.

Commander José Javier Sánchez Martín, head of the Eagle Patrol, revealed that the group’s headquarters are in San Javier, at the General Air Academy. He also provided details about the exhibition, which will consist of three parts: the first featuring the six aircraft in closed formation, followed by an open display divided into three groups, and concluding with all six aircraft drawing the Spanish flag over Las Teresitas beach.

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