60.62% of Tenerife hoteliers hold positive business expectations

In Tenerife, the hotel sector anticipates occupancy rates of 81% for October, 76% for November, and 73% for December.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, 60.62% of hoteliers in Tenerife are optimistic about the prospects for their businesses, while 34.47% anticipate normal conditions, and 4.91% predict an unfavorable scenario. In the extra-hotel accommodation category, this favorable percentage drops to 52.89%, with 39.17% considering it normal, and 7.94% expecting unfavorable conditions.

These insights are derived from the Tourism Competitiveness and Sustainability Observatory by Ashotel, which for the first time utilizes data from the Survey of Expectations of Collective Tourist Accommodation conducted by the Canary Islands Institute of Statistics (Istac).

However, these positive expectations are not universally mirrored on the green islands, namely La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro. On La Palma, only 0.63% of hoteliers and 30.18% of non-hoteliers hold favorable opinions, while 77.30% of hoteliers and 45.5% of non-hoteliers anticipate unfavorable outcomes. The remainder regard the situation as normal.

60.62% of Tenerife hoteliers hold positive business expectations

In La Gomera, the numbers are as follows: 18.15% of hoteliers have a positive outlook for their business this quarter, with 80.69% considering it normal and 1.15% foreseeing unfavorable conditions. Among non-hoteliers, expectations are somewhat better: 44.88% are optimistic, 45.51% anticipate normalcy, and the remaining 9.62% are pessimistic.

Confidence in El Hierro is as follows: 21% are optimistic, 21% consider it normal, and 57.9% foresee unfavorable conditions. In contrast, 0% of non-hoteliers express positive expectations, while 74.8% anticipate normalcy, and 25.1% expect unfavorable outcomes.

Regarding occupancy rates, in Tenerife, the expected figures are 81.1% for October, 75.6% for November, and 73.4% for December. Among non-hotel guests, the occupancy rates are 76.1% for October, 77.9% for November, and 79% for December. These percentages are lower on the green islands, following the established trend. La Gomera has the most optimistic hotel expectations.

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