Canary Islands rejects the possibility of imposing a moratorium on tourist rentals

Despite opposition from some private owners, Ashotel, the Hotels Association, supports the public consultation process on the future law in the Canary Islands.

The Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Islands Government has clarified that there are no plans to implement a moratorium on tourist rentals as part of the future Law on Sustainable Management of the Tourist Use of Dwellings. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Director General of Tourism Management, Training, and Promotion, emphasized that there will be no moratorium.

The approach outlined by Rodríguez involves using zoning and indicators to regulate growth in tourist rentals. Some municipalities or tourist centers may be designated as zero-growth zones, while others will have specific indicators to determine the allowable percentage of growth for such establishments. The government’s intention is not to ban holiday homes but to elevate the regulatory standards.

Rodríguez also provided reassurance to owners of legalized holiday homes, stating that there will be a transitional period to adapt to the new regulations once they are approved by Parliament.

Canary Islands rejects the possibility of imposing a moratorium on tourist rentals

The public consultation process, which is open until the 26th, is accessible on the Canary Islands Government’s transparency portal. The government aims to involve the public in the development of this document.

Despite some private owners causing commotion and noise during information sessions on several islands, the Hotel and Extra-Hotel Association of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Ashotel) supports the consultation procedure on the tourist use of dwellings. Ashotel believes that owners looking to develop a tourist product should be subject to rules and regulations similar to those governing hotel use. The organization emphasizes the importance of considering the general interest for society as a whole.

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