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Spanish aviators dazzle Tenerife with impressive aerial performance

The precision flying of the Patrulla Águila and the skilled parachutists from the Spanish Air Force brought joy to thousands of residents in Las Teresitas, Tenerife, yesterday. However, the event led to traffic congestion despite the increased public transport services in the vicinity.

A joyous and long-awaited day unfolded in Tenerife, where the residents and guests of the island rejoiced in the presence of Spanish aviation aces. For the people of Tenerife, air transport has always held a special place in their hearts, offering a means to transcend the natural confines of their island existence.

Such aviation exhibitions have historically been cherished in the region, despite somber memories that necessitated waiting until 2023 for an event like yesterday’s on Las Teresitas Beach in Santa Cruz. Thousands of spectators eagerly endured inevitable traffic congestion to witness the aerial spectacle presented by the Eagle Patrol and the Air Force Aerobatic Parachute Patrol, all in celebration of the 110th anniversary of Aviation in the Canary Islands.

Spanish aviators dazzle Tenerife with impressive aerial performance

The event drew dignitaries, including the Chief General of the Canary Islands Air Command, Francisco Javier Vidal Fernández, and the Chief of the Canary Islands Command of the Spanish Army, Julio Salom Herrera, among others. They were captivated by the impressive display organized by the Canary Islands Air Command, which featured the Air Force Parachute Acrobatic Patrol, unfurling both the Canary Islands flag and the Spanish flag during one of their jumps, earning thunderous applause from the audience.

Carlos Tarife, the first deputy mayor of Santa Cruz, along with other members of the municipal corporation, attended on behalf of the Santa Cruz Town Council. Tarife expressed gratitude to the Air Force for including the capital city in the celebration of the 110th anniversary of Aviation in the Canary Islands. He hailed the event as a testament to the professionalism and excellence of the Armed Forces, leaving all in attendance thoroughly delighted.

This show marked its debut in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and commenced at noon with a daring jump by the Air Force Acrobatic Parachute Patrol. As they landed on the sands of Las Teresitas beach, they displayed a large Canarian flag alongside the Spanish flag, an awe-inspiring sight for onlookers. Following the parachutists, the Eagle Patrol, composed of six aircraft, dazzled the crowd with their skyward acrobatics, drawing admiration and amazement for the daring maneuvers they executed.

However, as in life, every spectacular event has its costs. Despite its marvels, the event brought traffic congestion, except for those residing in the area. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Town Hall devised a security plan to mitigate the expected traffic jams, encouraging the use of public transport. Titsa line 910 increased its frequency significantly to accommodate passengers, and the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife kept the port service road open to facilitate traffic flow toward San Andrés.

While the queues were inevitable, many, like Tomás and Elena, who came to witness the spectacle, found it well worth the wait, expressing their eagerness to return if given the chance. The event concluded after 1 o’clock in the afternoon, with the Eagle Patrol executing a final pass over the beach, tracing the Spanish flag in the wake of their aircraft.

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