Tenerife celebrates the Italian cuisine week

Italian cuisine week: special events showcasing Mediterranean gastronomy are set to delight the palates on three other islands.

From the 13th to the 19th of November, the 8th Italian Cuisine Week will unfold across Spain, encompassing over 14 towns and cities, with a vibrant itinerary of more than 40 events. Notably, four Canary Islands—Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote—are poised to showcase the enriching blend of Italian and Spanish culinary traditions.

This gastronomic fiesta is set to highlight the myriad advantages of the Mediterranean diet and its contribution to a health-conscious lifestyle. Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi has pointed out the profound social and cultural bonds that unite Italian and Spanish cuisines, an amalgamation that will be celebrated throughout the week.

This year’s theme extends across cultural, social, gastronomic, and even sporting realms, illustrating the multifaceted influence of cuisine beyond mere nourishment—it’s a pivotal element for social communion and individual development.

Tenerife celebrates the Italian cuisine week

Embracing the theme “Sitting at the Table,” the event will not just be confined to restaurants but will also engage with academic institutions, culinary schools, religious communities, and cultural establishments, reflecting the universal nature of the Mediterranean table as a place of gathering and exchange.

The culinary expertise of Italian chefs will be on full display, with renowned names such as Massimiliano Capretta, Peppino Tinari, and Alessandro Cresta contributing their savoir-faire to the 8th Italian Cuisine Week in Spain. Their participation promises an authentic and immersive encounter with Italy’s rich gastronomic heritage, right in the heart of Spain and its islands.

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