The finest salt of the Canary Islands: traditionally harvested for 250 years

The salt acclaimed as the finest in the Canary Islands boasts the European certification of organic production.

Salt, fundamental to human existence since prehistoric times, has a rich history evidenced by ancient salt pans in Europe and China where it was harvested from seawater. Fast forward to today, the best salt in the Canary Islands has been officially determined.

The prestigious honour in the Official Agrocanarias 2023 Competition, organized by the Canarian Institute of Agri-Food Quality (ICCA), goes to Flor de Sal de las Salinas de Tenefé in Gran Canaria, produced by BRC Infraestructuras Hidráulicas SL. The announcement was made in La Graciosa at an event led by Narvay Quintero, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food Sovereignty, and Luis Arráez Guadalupe, Director of the ICCA.

Chosen by a jury of eleven experts in agri-food product analysis, the winners were selected among entries from Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura. In the ‘Virgin Sea Salt’ category, Salinas Tenefé won the Gold Medal, while Salinas Bocacangrejo, also from Gran Canaria and produced by Martell Lozano, SL, received the Grand Gold Medal.

The finest salt of the Canary Islands: traditionally harvested for 250 years

In the ‘Flor de Sal’ category, Salinas de Janubio from Lanzarote was awarded the Gold Medal and a special prize for ‘Best innovation, image and presentation’, featuring 100g boxes adorned with 9 different images.

Quintero emphasized the competition’s role in highlighting these products and companies, acknowledging their quality and distinct features. This recognition aids consumers in their choices and boosts the marketing of the awarded salts.

The Minister also mentioned the potential for Canary Island salt to obtain a Protected Designation of Origin, a European quality seal, with the ICCA’s advice and support available for the producers.

Flor de Sal de Salinas de Tenefé, already holding the European organic production seal, had also topped the Agrocanarias competition in 2021.

The Tenefé salt flats, located in the municipality of Santa Lucía in southeast Gran Canaria, continue to employ the same traditional extraction methods as they did 250 years ago.

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