Top 10 mysterious sites to explore in Tenerife

The Canary Islands, known for their air of mystery and legend, are particularly noted for Tenerife, an island rich in unexplained phenomena and folklore. The island is filled with tales of ghostly apparitions, mysterious creatures, and unexplained lights that have deeply influenced its cultural heritage.

The Canary Islands, a realm of mystique and legend, are steeped in tales and phenomena that skirt the edges of the unexplainable, with Tenerife standing as a beacon in this enigmatic landscape. Each village and neighborhood on this island holds stories of encounters with apparitions, mysterious creatures, or unexplained lights, and tales of places where witches congregated or miraculous events left an indelible mark on society.

For nearly three decades, the island’s most extraordinary manifestations of the mysterious have been catalogued, confirming that locations once labeled as “magical,” “heavy,” “enchanted,” or “fearful” were so designated due to the frequent occurrence of extraordinary events. While some of these memories have been lost to time, others are best kept from our superficial grasp. However, for the curious and lovers of mystery, there remain numerous sites to explore and experience these enigmas. Here are some notable ones:

The best mysterious sites in Tenerife

1. Badajoz Ravine, Güímar

Top 10 mysterios sites to explore in Tenerife

This site has become synonymous with the mysterious in the Canary Islands. Tales of ethereal white beings, anomalies in time, and encounters with inexplicable lights and sounds have made it a focal point for paranormal enthusiasts. The legend of the “girl with the pears” speaks of time travel, adding to the mystique of the area. Researchers have extensively documented these phenomena, though many remain unexplained.

2. Lercaro House, La Laguna

Top 10 mysterios sites to explore in Tenerife

This historic building is shrouded in the legend of Catalina Lercaro, thought to be a tormented spirit. Her story, a blend of historical fact and folklore, tells of a tragic life that ended in suicide. Visitors and staff report mysterious occurrences, from inexplicable noises to shifting shadows and unexplained temperature changes. The house, with its rich history, continues to attract those curious about the paranormal, despite no concrete evidence to substantiate the hauntings.

3. Fountain of Pedro, Los Realejos

Top 10 mysterios sites to explore in Tenerife

Unique in the Canary Islands, this location was the scene of an alleged Marian apparition in 1992. Justina Rodríguez claimed to receive messages from the Virgin, attracting a large crowd. The event resulted in contradictory testimonies, with some witnesses reporting visions of luminous figures and anomalies captured in photographs. This site’s history of unexplained occurrences precedes this event, adding layers to its mystical reputation.

4. Red Mountain, Granadilla

Known as the Canary Islands’ principal UFO hotspot, it gained fame in the 1970s when Paco Padrón and others documented encounters with unidentified flying objects. The area has a long-standing tradition of mysterious lights and sightings, contributing to its status as a center for extraterrestrial activity.

5. La Concepción, La Orotava

Top 10 mysterios sites to explore in Tenerife

More than just a church, La Concepción is a nexus of esoteric and architectural symbolism. Its location and design, rich in hermetic symbols like Jacob’s Dream, suggest a place of significant telluric energy. The church’s gargoyles and other architectural elements hint at a deeper, mystical meaning, attracting those interested in the more occult aspects of history.

6. Frías House, Güímar

Top 10 mysterios sites to explore in Tenerife

What remains of this once thriving farm are ruins shrouded in early 20th-century tales of paranormal activity. Reports of levitating objects, shadowy figures issuing threats, and showers of golden stones contribute to its reputation as a place of mystery and fear.

7. Achbinico Cave, Candelaria

Top 10 mysterios sites to explore in Tenerife

A site of religious significance, this cave’s history spans from its time as a Guanche deity’s shrine to its role in Marian worship. The persistent sacred fires, cave engravings, and the energetic power of the site are subjects of interest for both historians and those fascinated by ancient rituals and beliefs.

8. La Hoya de La Matanza, San Juan de la Rambla

Top 10 mysterios sites to explore in Tenerife

This serene park was once known as a “heavy place” in local folklore, a forested area associated with witchcraft, enchantment, and the supernatural. Tales of disorientation and encounters with spectral figures in this woodland area contribute to its mysterious aura.

9. Roque de Dos Hermanos, La Laguna

Top 10 mysterios sites to explore in Tenerife

A hub for UFO sightings and encounters in the 80s and 90s, this coastal area is rumored to house an underwater base for alien crafts. The local mythology includes stories of pirate treasures, ritual suicides, and otherworldly phenomena, making it a magnet for those intrigued by the unexplained.

10. Masonic Temple, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Top 10 mysterios sites to explore in Tenerife

This temple is a testament to the power of symbolic architecture, showcasing hermetic symbolism. Its façade, adorned with sphinxes and the emblem of the Great Architect, and its interior, rich in Masonic history, continue to fascinate visitors. The temple’s current dilapidated state adds a layer of mystery to its already intriguing history.

Each of these locations in Tenerife offers a unique glimpse into the island’s rich tapestry of myths, legends, and unexplained phenomena, making it a captivating destination for those drawn to the mysterious and the mystical.

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